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Homeowner Review Part 2: How My Life Changed Once I Installed Artificial Grass in My Backyard

I went from a backyard with a useless patch of unused land to hours of entertainment of putting and chipping. Along the way, this new entertaining part of my backyard became a place of learning and having fun. 

I didn’t realize before I decided to install an artificial grass putting green with Envirofill how much it would change my life for the better. Yes, my life was affected in ways I truly did not expect.

Let me just begin to list out some observations that truly changed the way I live and am living today with the golfing green in the backyard:

  1. The aesthetics of my backyard are now tranquil – resulting in a far more relaxing view. The Envirofill blends in nicely and the green looks sharp.
  2. I had no idea a good view would help my psyche every day and evening.
  3. All the labor being done every month to mow that small patch of grass is no longer an issue. I was able to get some of the “opportunity cost” back in the bank – I now have time back I can use for more productive things.
  4. Initially the golf ball was slow off the green and I was concerned the quality of the turf was not good. I found out from the installer that as I walked on the turf it would flatten out and the ball speed would increase. The ball speed seems to increase each month since the initial installation.
  5. The Arizona hot sun does heat up the turf, but you can walk on it comfortably in summer temperatures.
  6. It is SUPER easy to clean. From a leaf blower or to using my hands, it is a simple process. The Envirofill stays in place even while cleaning.
  7. There appear to be far less insects in that area of my backyard. I am not sure if that is just luck or bugs hate turf.
  8. Didn’t realize how my putting game would improve using the putting green as often as I do, but it has.
  9. I had no idea what a conversational piece this turf area would be come when people come over.
  10. We are using the backyard far more than we ever did. Perhaps the putting green/turf has created more usability for my kids and myself.

Who would have thought such a simple change to a backyard could make a difference in so many positive ways. It has become the area of the house we use almost as often as the room we watch TV in. We had so many years of an unused backyard – we are making up for that today with the turf!  It appears to be the favorite spot in the neighborhood for kids to come over and play. I highly recommend this change to a backyard – especially, in warm climates like Arizona.  What a great alternative that has very little maintenance requirements.

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