Bishop Fenwick High School

Project Overview

Bishop Fenwick High School, located in Franklin, Ohio, is a Catholic school known for its academic rigor and competitive athletics. 

After years of utilizing a grass field stadium, the school decided it was time to switch to a synthetic turf field to further support its athletics. As a private school, Bishop Fenwick heavily relies on donors for its building and athletic facilities upgrades, so after a generous donation was made, the school was able to make its longtime goal of converting the field to turf a reality. 

Through years of developing a relationship with Motz, the school knew the turf field construction company was the right one for the job. The current athletic director had also been a long-time partner, working with Motz on various projects at other schools, making the partnership and project smooth for all parties involved.

Franklin, OH



Field Installation
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The Situation

On average, Ohio receives around 40 inches of rain a year and typically experiences cold temperatures and winter weather starting in the fall season — neither being optimal conditions for athletics or outdoor events.

Having a synthetic turf field on campus allows student-athletes to train with ideal conditions year-round, regardless of weather, and give them the ability to compete on a premier playing surface. Additionally, this field serves all students at Fenwick, not just athletes, making it an advantageous decision for the entire school. However, in order to install a synthetic turf field that would be able to perform well and last for years, elevation changes and drainage issues needed to be addressed in the design and construction. 

Thanks to its years of synthetic turf field installation experience, Bishop Fenwick new Motz would be the right partner for the job. 

The Play

After receiving the greenlight for the project, Motz teamed up with The Kleingers Group, the hired designers on the job, to strategize together on the design of the system, as well as what the process of executing the project would entail. 

Because of the artificial turf field’s location, there were elevation challenges on the south end of the field that had to be addressed along with site detention. Since the school sits in a relatively new location, a lot of the drainage was designed with future improvements in mind. However, this field in particular had a significant drop in the south end, needing drainage to be routed to a new location. In addition to the site needs, the stadium also needed a new scoreboard, new asphalt, concrete flatwork, and fencing.

Even though weather implications slowed excavation for the field, Motz delivered a premium quality artificial turf field by the requested completion date of early fall — right on time for Bishop Fenwick’s homecoming game.

The Win


Motz utilized its years of experience and strategic approach to install a new synthetic turf football field for Bishop Fenwick high school. 

The new synthetic turf system is Crossflex (or dual fiber) with rubber/sand. It also includes a NXTPlay pad for a high-performing, durable surface. Because of Motz’s industry experience and quality service, Bishop Fenwick now has a beautiful new synthetic turf field to host their football games, campus events, and more.


Over the past several years, Motz and Bishop Fenwick have been building a trusted and valued relationship. The school chose Motz for its expertise, quality service, and trusted customer service. Throughout the construction process, Motz proved its dedication and quality service through the obstacles it faced to give the school the premium synthetic turf field it was looking for. 


Since 1977, Motz has been building high-performance, trusted synthetic turf sports fields for schools and universities across the Midwest and east coast. 

Motz utilized its years of experience in field planning, construction, and installation to help solve elevation conflicts and drainage needs for Bishop Fenwick’s new synthetic turf field. Now, the school has a safe, durable surface that will support its competitive athletic program and give staff a resource to utilize for other events and student needs for years to come. 

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