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Boone County School District is a very large and well known school district in Northern Kentucky, serving nearly 21,000 students.

With so many students to cater to across various campuses, athletic needs constantly change.

In 2021, through a large co-op project, Boone County School District decided to upgrade fields at four of its high schools — Ryle High School, Boone County High School, Conner High School, and Cooper High School — to support athletes and elevate each of the school’s athletic programs.

Boone County School District chose The Motz Group for its synthetic turf installations because of their long standing relationship, stemming from the company’s proven quality service and maintenance. The Motz Group showcased its industry experience, proven product, and high quality customer service with each field project.

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In 2021, Boone County School District received a tax windfall that provided the means for funding to undergo a large field installation project. The Motz Group was given the challenge of replacing an existing synthetic turf field at one of the schools, along with installing three artificial turf fields. The Motz Group worked closely with the design team, owner, and site general contractor to ensure the installation process for each field ran as smoothly as possible.

With four different high schools needing field services, The Motz Group had to customize each field based on individual needs with each field designed to incorporate the school’s colors, logos, and mascots. Since The Motz Group was selected early on in the project, the owner and design team were able to bring in The Motz team early on to help develop the plans for each field project, as well as the renderings and field graphics for each individual field.

Thanks to The Motz Group’s 40 years of experience and industry expertise, the company installed new customized, high-performing, durable, and quality synthetic turf fields.


At Ryle High School, a synthetic, non-Motz turf field already existed on campus. The Motz Group came on as a service partner, offering the Motz365 maintenance package. From there, Motz built a strong working relationship and trust with the school district, which made them a prime choice for a replacement and other field installation projects.

After years of wear and tear at Ryle High School, it was time for a field replacement — this time with a Motz Group artificial turf field.

Boone County, Conner, and Cooper high schools fell into a different category of field installation projects. The football/soccer multi-use fields at each of these schools were originally natural grass fields that the district decided to upgrade to synthetic turf. For many of the school’s athletes, this was the first time they were able to enjoy their own artificial turf field.

For all three high schools, artificial turf gave them more flexibility than what they had previously experienced with natural grass fields. The schools enjoyed less time and money spent on maintenance tasks, more playtime, and fewer cancellations due to bad weather. Another benefit for upgrading to synthetic turf fields was the community aspect. The fields now could be opened up to community use which was a win-win for both the local areas and the schools.

We pursued the ambitious construction of four turf fields simultaneously with Motz From the initial planning phase to the design phase, and through the construction phase the Motz Group was continually collaborative, efficient, and highly effective. All four fields exceeded the expectations of our students, schools, and communities. The Motz Group were great partners in the construction of all four turf fields.

Michael Poiry | Assistant Superintendent


    With over 40 years of industry experience and a skilled team, The Motz Group brings professionalism, expertise, and quality customer service to its field projects — all must-have qualities for Boone County School District’s multi-field renovation. With such a well-backed team, Boone County School District was confident that The Motz Group could fully manage the large-scale field project. Now, the district has four high-performing synthetic turf fields and a long-lasting relationship with The Motz Group.
    The Motz Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service to each of its customers — no matter if it’s a maintenance service or a full field installation. The Motz Group proved this to be true by not only servicing a non-Motz field and then replacing it, but also installing new synthetic turf fields at three different high schools in Boone County School District. The Motz Group went above and beyond to show quality customer service through the installations, but also through its attention to detail. The Motz Group carefully designed the fields and made them unique by incorporating each school’s colors, logos, and mascots.
    With new synthetic turf fields, Boone County, Conner, and Cooper high schools have game-ready surfaces anytime athletes have a game or practice. The Motz Group’s quality synthetic turf fields are playable with bad weather, safe and supportive for athletes, and less maintenance — all big perks compared to the school’s original natural grass fields.

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