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Project Overview

FC Cincinnati Foundation launched in December 2018. Its mission is to improve the lives of children through soccer. This is accomplished through four key programs. FCC provides PE classes during school to teach kids soccer, as well as, after-school soccer programs to learn the game. FCC also recognizes and rewards children in Greater Cincinnati who have the “A” honor roll through their education program called Learning Is Cool.

FCC decided to expand these programs within Cincinnati by promising to bring 10 mini-pitches to underserved youth. To make this goal possible they needed partners to help them maintain these fields, provide these programs, and someone to build these fields.

FCC chose Motz as the partner to build mini-pitches for the FC Cincinnati Foundation within the Cincinnati, Ohio area over 5 years.

Motz’s recent mini-pitch is a 5-a-side soccer field at the Price Hill Recreation Center for the Price Hill community. The Cincinnati Recreation Commission, another partner of FCC, identifies sites or parks with underutilized tennis courts or playgrounds where soccer mini-pitches would be welcomed. FCC’s vision is established through adjacent recreation centers and organizations that can provide after-school programs and educational resources within the Cincinnati community. These partnerships reveal the power of Cincinnati businesses working together to improve the lives of children in the community and demonstrate that various industries can make a difference when they work together.

Motz transformed the area in Price Hill from a plaza and underused playground into an area that will be a hub of activity for the community. Approximately 30% of the community is Spanish-speaking, but the language of soccer is recognizable to all.

The Price Hill InPlay will officially open on May 13. This InPlay was built with a shock pad, durable turf, and Motz organic Safeshell turf infill. Safeshell reduces surface temperature and the heat island effect. This turf infill is composed of two types of walnut shells, which are processed to remove nut allergens. The field system uses the latest technology and products, which are safe for aspiring athletes to enjoy.

Moving people to better lives is the purpose of The Motz Group, which makes them the perfect partner for the FC Cincinnati Foundation. Motz knows it takes more than building soccer fields to make this goal a reality. It requires a successful program, training, and competitive leagues from various organizations within the FCC community to make this vision a success.

Price Hill, OH



Field Installation

The Situation

In 2016, FC Cincinnati started as a soccer club based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They played in the United Soccer League, later renamed USL Championship.

FCC initially played at the University of Cincinnati Nippert Stadium. The Motz Group helped FCC switch Nippert’s field to one that could host world-class soccer and high-performance American Football. This relationship contributed to Motz becoming the club’s go-to partner for the FCC training facility. These projects along with the field at TQL stadium built trust between these two companies.

FCC decided to expand its programs within Cincinnati by promising to bring 10 mini-pitches to underserved youth. To make this mission possible they needed partners to help them maintain these fields, provide ongoing programs, and someone to build these fields. FCC believed Motz was the reliable choice to bring 10 mini-pitches to life due to their high-quality products and customer service.

The Price Hill InPlay is the 4th mini-pitch built by Motz. The goal is to have 10 mini-pitches completed by 2024.

The Play

During the planning phase, FCC trusted Motz’s experience, expertise, and customer service to direct them in making these 10 mini-pitches possible. Motz made sure to use products that would keep this field lasting a long time. One of the materials used for this Price Hill mini-pitch project was based on Motz’s knowledge of a new, high-performance, natural turf infill, Safeshell. Safeshell is a high-quality natural turf infill, designed to protect and maintain a long-lasting turf system due to its high durability.

The Price Hill InPlay started as a plaza and playground, which was converted into this mini-pitch soccer field. Motz started the building process with the base level, and added a pad to help with shock and drainage of the field, on top of that was the sand ballast, infill, and turf. A full surround was built, so the ball remains in play at all times. This decreases the time players spend running after an out-of-bounds ball on a traditional field. It also creates a fast-paced game that can substantially increase touches and skill development.

Knowing Motz put thought into every detail of the Price Hill InPlay, to make the soccer experience exceptional for future players, is what makes Motz a trusted partner with FCC.

“Motz has been a great partner in our FC Cincinnati Foundation mini-pitches. Motz simplifies our mini-pitch build projects for us with their high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and technical expertise. With this Price Hill project, like all of our mini-pitches, we trusted Motz to lead us to the correct products for our needs and are thrilled with the results.”

Kate Solomon | Vice President of Community Relations

The Win


FCC believed Motz could fully manage and guide the building of the mini-pitches due to their outstanding culture and work ethic. Motz has established a reputation of excellence throughout the construction process, which has built long-lasting relationships with those who work with them.


FCC trusted Motz due to their excellent experiences working on past projects with them, as well as the company’s expertise in the industry and high-quality customer service. They were confident Motz would create a durable system to hold up to the intense play.


The cutting-edge systems used to build this field are safe and supportive for athletes, and less maintenance. With a new synthetic turf field, the Price Hill InPlay provides the FC Cincinnati Foundation with another resource to improve the lives of the inner-city and underserved youth in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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