Madison High School

Project Overview

A turf committee and community at Madison High School in Middletown, Ohio, was looking for a sustainable way to reconstruct its football field from natural to synthetic turf and cutting-edge products to keep their field lasting a long time. The grass field at Madison High School was growing in patches or not-at-all, resulting in divots and an uneven playing surface. The turf committee and community wanted a playing field that would be consistent and safe for the players. They did the research to find the best field construction company that could provide experience and resources to create a safe, sustainable, and long-lasting playing field. 

After an extensive evaluation of various field construction companies, the board committee chose Motz as their field contractor for this project. They chose Motz due to many recommendations within the community, Motz’s legacy of experts, and Motz prestigious experience in field construction in natural and synthetic turf.

Motz’s Envirofill infill product was one of the many reasons Madison High School chose Motz. Envirofill is the original green coated sand with Microban antimicrobial to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause odors and stains. Non-toxic and completely reusable, Envirofill is tough enough for a multi-sports field at Madison High School. Envirofill is reusable, has a 16-year warranty, and is sustainable for multiple turf lifecycles. Motz products helped provide the safety, durability, and longevity the Madison High School committee was looking for in their multi-purpose field.

Middletown, OH



Field Construction Management

The Situation

As the Madison community worked to gather the resources to make this project a reality, Motz worked alongside them over the years to create a win-win solution. The partners they found included a stone supplier and a local excavator. The stone supplier donated the stone for the construction, and the local excavator donated their time by providing the stormwater work for this project. 

The Play

Motz excavated the field to subgrade elevation to provide a stable foundation for construction. Next, they used the gravel donated by Madison High School’s stone partner. The excavator, who donated his services to this project, made sure the field was draining correctly. Then the Motz’s install crews installed the shock-attenuation pad, the Crossflex turf system, and finally, the Envirofill infill was installed on top to keep the turf fibers in place and clean. Motz added red end zones, a center logo, and alternating panels to Madison High School’s new artificial multi-purpose field.

Motz provided many resources and creative solutions to help achieve this new field construction project for Madison High School. Motz created a safe playing field for the district and community that will be around for years to come due to their high-quality and resilient products.

“Motz provided us with support and high-quality service and products. Envirofill was what we were looking for when it came to the safety, longevity, sustainability, and playability of a multi-purpose synthetic turf field. Motz also went above and beyond by partnering with different local companies to lower the cost of this project. They also provided creative solutions for the district to help us make this goal a reality."

Chad Norvell | Turf Committee Member

The Win

  • High Performing and Innovative Technology
    Motz’s one-of-a-kind infill product, Envirofill, is green-coated sand with Microban antimicrobial to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause odors and stains. Envirofill has a 16-year warranty and is reusable. Clean, non-toxic, and sustainable, Envirofill provided the safety, durability, and longevity the turf committee was looking for in a synthetic turf field at Madison High School. Another high-performing and innovative product in this project was the shock pad used for Madison High School’s artificial turf sports field. The shock pad is reusable, making future field replacements cost-effective.
  • WOW Factor
    Motz helped lower costs for Madison High School by connecting with local partners to donate materials or their services towards the construction of the new synthetic turf field. Motz’s team worked with the board committee for several years to create a plan to find funding.
  • Quality Service
    Motz went over and beyond to support the Madison High School community and their students by taking the time to help them meet their scope and budget throughout the process. 


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