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Sacred Heart Academy

Louisville, KY
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Field Hockey
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With their synthetic turf field reaching a decade of play and serving as home field for thousands of athletes throughout the years, Sacred Heart Academy elected to replace their surface. They chose to continue their partnership with The Motz Group for their new field project, as the Motz team installed the original field and served as a dependable maintenance partner throughout the life of the field. With all of the pieces in place for the replacement project, work began on the new field in the summer of 2020.

We have kids and teams come from other schools, they always ask us about our field. I know I get a lot of calls from other schools that are looking to put in turf fields and I'm proud to show off our field to anyone who wants to see it.

Donna Moir, Athletic Director

The Situation

After 10 years of consistent and constant play, it was time for Sacred Heart to replace their synthetic turf field. With field performance a top priority for their over 500 athletes, they again turned to The Motz Group to help evaluate their current needs and how they could translate that into an updated field system. With soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse teams being the main users of the turf field, they knew they needed a safe, quick, and reliable surface that would last them for 10 years and beyond.

The Play

Center logo at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart worked with Motz to build a synthetic turf system to meet the specifications needed to fulfill the championship-level play their athletes expect. Their evaluation led them to select TMG’s Crossflex dual-fiber turf system. Crossflex provides the players with both the durability of the slit-film fiber and the quickness of the monofilament fiber, perfect for their extensive play schedule and the needs of the sports which utilize the field. They also chose to upgrade the system to include Envirofill and a shock attenuation pad, for additional longevity and exceptional field performance.

The Win

  • FAST PLAY With lacrosse and field hockey teams utilizing the field, having a reliable and fast surface was imperative for Sacred Heart. The choice to go with Envirofill as the infill on the replacement meant their athletes would get the optimal and consistent ball speed throughout play.
  • SERVICE Any field owner wants a reliable partner that they can call at any time if an issue arises. Throughout the 10 year partnership with Motz, Sacred Heart relied on our team and felt they had a true support system to protect and maintain their field.
  • ALWAYS GAME READY Sacred Heart has been able to keep games and practices scheduled, regardless of weather conditions – as the synthetic turf allows activity to continue despite rain or snow.

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