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The University of Cincinnati is the oldest institution of higher education in the Cincinnati area and a hometown team for The Motz Group. Even as a local favorite, the school’s reputation reaches far beyond the city limits, as it has received national attention from its recent admittance into the BIG 12 college athletic conference and football’s historic top 2 ranking in the AP Top 25 Poll.

The Motz Group and the University of Cincinnati have a valued, long standing working relationship — one that began from its high-quality and trusted maintenance services on the school’s non-Motz artificial turf fields. Because of The Motz Group’s professionalism, industry expertise, and quality customer service, the University of Cincinnati chose the company to replace some of its existing fields and install new synthetic turf fields, for various athletic needs, over the course of its seven year relationship.

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From the beginning of its relationship with Motz, the University had various athletic field needs, requiring different services. The school needed maintenance on its existing artificial turf fields and also needed new field installations. The challenge was finishing these projects in a timely manner, while juggling the needs of its various athletic teams and those of a professional team that shared a field at UC.

The Motz Group showed up to each challenge and need of the school, showcasing its industry expertise, attention to detail, and customer service. Through each field project — whether it be maintenance and service or an installation — The Motz Group proved its industry knowledge, solidified its reputation, and further strengthened its relationship.


After seeing firsthand the value of working with The Motz Group, through great maintenance history and customer service, the University of Cincinnati chose the company for a new artificial turf field installation in 2014 — the company’s first on campus.

For this first project, The Motz Group installed a high-quality, synthetic turf baseball field to help support the school’s athletes and elevate its baseball program. The university knew The Motz Group was the right choice with one of the main reasons being that the company had ample experience installing professional baseball fields for teams such as the Braves, Reds, and Rockies.

The school continued to look to The Motz Group for its expertise, and in 2017, The Motz Group installed an artificial turf field at Higher Ground — an offsite training facility for the University of Cincinnati’s athletes. The coaches and players liked the field so much that the school had Motz deliver a similar system installed at its practice field at Sheakley Athletic Complex when it came time for a field replacement.

While the campus was under construction, Sheakley Athletic Complex had additional activities on the field, along with serving as an indoor training facility and gym during the winter months. During this time, the added foot traffic led to the field needing to be replaced sooner than expected. The Motz team came to the rescue quickly and developed a plan to replace the damaged field, through a cooperative purhcasing program within a few weeks. Thanks to The Motz Group’s responsiveness and field replacement expertise, the university had minimal down time — an important factor for fall and winter activities.

A few years later, the school was in need of yet another field replacement, and The Motz Group was selected for the project. The University of Cincinnati’s artificial turf field at Nippert Stadium shared practice and game time from both the school’s football team and FC Cincinnati, a former United Soccer League member. At this time, the synthetic turf field was reinstalled — from what was formerly a non-Motz field — to support the needs of the professional soccer players and UC’s football team.

FC Cincinnati was later accepted into Major League Soccer, which introduced a new challenge for the artificial turf field. The MLS had new field requirements to be a regulation field and because of it, FC Cincinnati and UC partnered with The Motz Group to install a new field at Nippert Stadium.

The induction into the MLS later prompted FC Cincinnati to expand and build its own stadium, TQL Stadium. Because of its strong relationship with The Motz Group, the team chose the company to build a high-performance, natural grass field specifically designed for its professional soccer players.

Finally in 2021, after FC Cincinnati transitioned into its new natural grass stadium, The Motz Group installed a new artificial turf football field at Nippert Stadium. The Motz Group used its expertise to install a field that was high-performing, safe, and built specifically to support UC’s nationally recognized football program.

Thanks to The Motz Group, we have high-performing fields that offer consistent play across the board. We're grateful to have had The Motz Group team's expertise to deliver our projects on time, on budget even in the tightest of timelines within a tricky urban campus.

Andre Seoldo | Associate Athletics Director



The Motz Group customized its field design and installations, based on the school’s differing needs, to bring the best quality results for its athletic programs.Each field required different performance factors which The Motz Group took into consideration when planning out each field. The Motz Group considered playability and ball roll for the new artificial turf baseball field and durability and safety factors for the 2021 football field install. Because of The Motz Group’s industry experience and quality service, the University of Cincinnati now has an array of beautiful artificial turf fields to utilize.


Over the years, The Motz Group’s relationship with UC has continued to grow and strengthen. UC chose The Motz Group for its consistency, responsiveness, and trustworthiness. Time and time again The Motz Group proved its loyalty and service quality through maintenance services and installations. Whatever the challenge, The Motz Group was there to get the job done.


Before becoming a field installation partner, The Motz Group proved itself as a valued team by providing quality maintenance on fields that were not its own. When UC’s fields needed to be replaced or serviced, the Motz team rose to the occasion and tackled each project in a timely manner.

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