5 Best Practices for Synthetic Turf Infill Top Off


One of the benefits of a synthetic turf field is the increase in activity it can sustain. With the additional action, there are regular maintenance practices needed to ensure your field looks and performs its best. A field has areas we refer to as “high-traffic.” These are spots include penalty kicks, corner kicks – any location that sees consistent and repetitive exercises. These activities can cause infill to displace from the area and need to be refilled on a regular basis. If infill gets too low and displacement continues to occur, it can cause degradation on the fibers and lead to the need for patching the spots.

5 best practices for keeping high-traffic areas properly filled:

  1. Keep an inventory of rubber where coaches, athletes, or other staff members can access.
  2. Refill the spots as frequently as possible, particularly after back-to-back practices or games.
  3. Bring a 5-gallon bucket of rubber with you while conducting regular grooming.
  4. Pour a handful or two of rubber on the area (depending on how low the infill is).
  5. By hand, work the rubber into the fibers.

To replenish your rubber inventory, contact our Motz365 team of Turf Care Experts and inquire today!

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