How to Check Infill Depths on Your Synthetic Turf Field


Maintaining proper infill depths is critical to your synthetic turf field’s long life and top-notch performance. Low infill levels at high-traffic areas can lead to fiber degradation and potential patch-work needed on those areas throughout the life of your synthetic turf field. 

Follow the instructions below to periodically measure your infill levels. You can check these with a tool called an Infill Gauge (see the image below). Your measured infill level should then be compared to the minimum infill depth for your synthetic turf field’s pile height.

We recommend checking the depths at high-traffic areas like corner kicks, lacrosse creases, batter’s boxes, spots that see more frequent repetitive activity than the rest of the synthetic turf field.

Turn black knob to loosen depth gauge

Place white footplate firmly on infill surface

Slide center shaft down until it makes contact with turf backing

Lift out and read gauge in inches or millimeters

You should check 2 or 3 areas at each location to get the average infill for that test area

Test wear areas more frequently as these areas are usually where the infill is dispersed more frequently

Also, keep in mind that infill is often redistributed to other areas of the playing surface through repetitive activity. Proper grooming can even out the infill, however, it is still important to add infill to the areas listed above on a consistent basis to keep your field performing at its best. 

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