Why Synthetic Turf Field Grooming is Critical


Routine grooming keeps the surface free from debris and also maintains your synthetic turf system at its optimum performance. We recommend implementing a consistent maintenance schedule, putting the brush to the field for every 40 hours of activity. During the busier seasons of play, that will typically equate to every two weeks. 

Routine brushing simultaneously achieves three objectives:

  1. Keeps infill layer uniform in its distribution. Areas where infill has been displaced and repetitive activity continues to occur can lead to loss of fiber height. Ensuring infill is consistent across the surface will keep the field performing at its best.
  2. Ensures that the fiber is protected and that the exposed part of the fiber is uniform in its direction and stays upright. If the fibers begin to lay over and athletes are interacting with the sides of the turf, this can lead to acceleration of wear on the field.
  3. Helps remove litter, leaves, dirt, etc. Debris build-up over time can be detrimental to, not only your athletes, but also the performance of your field. Smaller items can work their way into the field profile and further into the drainage system, which can cause clogs and other issues with your field.

The realized benefits from routine grooming are:

  1. Consistent footing and ball bounce throughout the surface
  2. Maximum aesthetic appeal
  3. Lengthen the field’s life expectancy
  4. Removal of debris helps keep drainage free of clogs

It is key you keep a log of your maintenance activities. This log is an important part of your regular grooming practices, for many reasons, but also because it can assist in keeping a consistent schedule of care for your field. 

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