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5 Synthetic Sports Turf Field Design Trends to Consider for Your Next Field

In recent years, sports facilities, both collegiate and professional, have changed into major arenas with more food and beverage and fans packed to the brim. But facilities are not the only area of sports that have seen a major shift — the same can also be said for artificial turf fields.

In the last eight to ten years, artificial sports turf field design has changed tremendously. When it comes to design and color, synthetic turf sports fields are bolder and brighter than ever. 

If you’re a field owner wanting to replace your synthetic turf field or you’re seeking an aesthetic upgrade, here are some field design options trending in popularity that will make your field one to marvel at.

1. Watermarks and Logos

One trend we’ve seen recently is larger, more eye-catching logos on fields. And as they’ve increased in size, they’ve also grown in number. With the recent introduction to GAME ON technology, synthetic field graphic capabilities are growing!

Logos have started to appear in end zones and 25-yard lines as well. Now, you can even customize 25-yard line fonts to match your team’s logo, as shown by this high school field installed by Motz. 

2. Synthetic Turf Ghosted Letters

Have you been watching a game and noticed faded or outlined letters in the middle of the turf field? These soft letters are called ghosted letters and are typically faded, light green letters. With artificial turf field design, ghosted letters are becoming increasingly popular as a logo accent. 

3. Artificial Turf Field Letters

One trend we’re seeing with artificial sports turf fields is that they’re having more writing on them. Today, you’ll see more logos and sponsor recognition on fields than in years past — all true for high school, college, and professional teams. 

While additional team logos and sponsor recognition are on the rise, these elements also offer the opportunity for schools to elevate school spirit and enhance their field’s aesthetic. Your students and fans will love seeing their school’s logo and mascot displayed while they cheer on their team. 

When it comes to adding these new logo design elements, Motz will work closely with you to bring your field vision to life.

4. Alternating Panels and Mow Patterns

When it comes to football and baseball fields, a few trends continue to gain traction. On artificial turf football fields, you’ll see different colored panels that alternate from end zone to end zone.

With baseball fields, field owners are using different mow pattern stripes in the infield and the outfield to mimic the look of freshly cut grass. We’ve even designed and installed colored warning tracks, such as this unique, blue warning track below.

5. End Zones

End zones are becoming much more eye-catching with colorful, bright panels, and large lettering. Lettering for end zones can be in any font, but varsity font is typically the most common choice. When using an alternative font, keep in mind that the wider the font, the more costly the letters will be. With GAME ON design capabilities, the impact could be the talk of the town!

Synthetic Turf Field Design with Motz

If you’re looking for a field design upgrade, our expert field designers will work with you to bring your field vision to life using CAD drawings and virtual videos. Here are two examples that showcase our design expertise:

How to design a football, soccer or lacrosse field. 

How to design a baseball or softball field. 

Be aware that design elements can vary in cost depending on the level of complexity and size of the elements you want. For example, solid end zone letters are less expensive than outlined letters. Logos with more color and complexity tend to be more expensive. 

We offer packages with different options to choose from and work with you to build the best field design within your budget. 

Artificial Turf Fields Designed by Motz Experts 

Our team has had the opportunity to transform fields with these new design trends, elevating school spirit and creating true works of art. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Harrison Central High School  

Harrison Central high school chose to stray away from customary, bright green artificial turf. Instead, this school’s gray and blue colored artificial turf takes a unique twist on tradition. 

Butler High School

This high school, in Vandalia, Ohio, is a great example of how fields have evolved over the past eight to ten years. From these photos, you can instantly see the differences between the first field Motz installed and the school’s new field after a design shift and installation.

New Haven High School

This artificial sports turf field showcases most of the popular design elements we’ve covered in this blog. You can see ghosted letters outlined in black, colored turf, a large logo, alternating colored panels, sponsorship logos, and a custom brand font.

Ready to Design Your Ideal Artificial Sports Turf Field?

Make game time just that much more enjoyable. Excite your community and athletes with a field that boosts morale and inspires them too.

Plan early and start preparing for your synthetic turf field replacement! Contact us below to get started.

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