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Artificial Turf Baseball Field Project Highlights

Creating the perfect artificial turf baseball field

Baseball and synthetic turf go hand in hand. Not only does an artificial grass field mean stable, low maintenance playing conditions, but it gives your athletes a quantifiable home-field advantage. Envirofill and Safeshell turf infill, allow for a more natural playing surface so that ball interactions (ie bouncing and rolling) mimic a natural grass system.

Creating Better Turf Systems Together is our mission. Allow us to show you some of our favorite fields and give you some guidelines pertaining to the creation of stellar turf baseball fields that are safe, durable, and high performance!

Design the ideal synthetic turf baseball field

Design a baseball-specific synthetic turf field that:

  • closely mimics natural grass performance
  • minimizes fly out, which is a term used to describe the movement of the infill above the turf blade when a ball strikes the surface
  • mitigates surface temperatures
  • is easy to maintain
  • doesn’t mark the baseball

Check out our handy baseball field one pager for easily digestible guidelines and our blog post all about the best synthetic turf for baseball.

Well-designed artificial turf baseball fields

Take a look at some of our favorite existing baseball fields. They’re easy to maintain, handle weather conditions with ease, and they contain non-toxic, allergen-free infills that are environmentally friendly.

St. Xavier High School

St. X wanted a synthetic turf baseball field that would mimic the ball roll of natural grass. They chose to turf not only their infield, but also their outfield with the progressive infill Envirofill. They loved Envirofill so much in their first field, that they chose to install Envirofill infill in their 2nd field as well. They now have a synthetic turf football field and baseball field with Envirofill. 

Trinity High School

Last year, The Motz Group installed a new synthetic turf baseball field for this Louisville, KY-based high school. Their field features a Safeshell Warning Track.

Safeshell works great as a warning track infill because the underfoot feel is different than what the player is running on the outfield. With this difference, the player has more warning that they are nearing the wall and can still keep their focus on catching the ball. With Safeshell, if the outfielder doesn’t feel a difference, they will hear a sound that warns them of where they are. 

Hilton Head Park

Hilton Head County Park in Rancho San Diego, California offers visitors a breath of fresh air with its children’s playground, splash pad, multi-use sports facilities, exercise stations, and shaded community spaces for cooking out and gathering with friends.

The baseball field was installed in 2017 and Envirofill was chosen with the goal of creating a safe, nontoxic playing surface. The city loved the Envirofill product and field design so much that they used it again in another San Diego public recreation facility, Steele Canyon Park.

Bolivar-Richburg High School

Since its installation in 2016, the Bolivar-Richburg High School baseball field has been a huge asset to the school’s athletic programming.

Dustin Allen, the school’s Athletic Director, considers Envirofill as the premier choice for baseball fields and says that his athletes and coaches “are thrilled with our new field. It plays like a real natural turf field. Our new system with Envirofill allows us to play a different game than we could before. We can bunt on it very realistically now, thanks to our infill.”

Heritage Recreation Center

From Benjamin Barrett, Capital Projects Manager: “Product considerations included cost-effectiveness, public health, safety, and longevity. Envirofill was determined to be the safer, cleaner, longer-lasting and more cost-effective choice. It is the only re-usable infill on the market. Envirofill’s performance and benefits will be monitored to evaluate durability, ease of maintenance and the reduction of future capital costs of replacement.”

Learn more about Heritage Recreation Center’s Decision to install Envirofill in their field’s by watching this short 2-minute video. 

Play Ball with Motz!

Ready to build the ultimate baseball-specific artificial turf field for your school or facility’s sports complex?

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