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Before and After Synthetic Turf Field Makeovers

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite artificial turf field projects from the past few years.

The Wheeler School upgrades to an artificial turf sports field with Safeshell

When a donor at Wheeler School, an independent N-12 school in Providence, Rhode Island, granted funds for the refurbishment of the outdoor artificial athletic field, there was one specification: no crumb rubber.

The donor wanted the synthetic turf infill to be safer than crumb rubber, which is made from shredded car tires and is not guaranteed to be toxin and allergen-free. The Wheeler School staff researched options that fit the donor’s conditions and found Safeshell, the perfect turf infill for the field upgrade.

Safeshell is a 100% natural turf infill that’s non-toxic and allergen-free. It also stands up to the rigors of a busy athletic facility. With Safeshell, you’ll upgrade your quality, durability, and performance in addition to knowing that your field’s turf infill is safe for people and the environment. The benefits are numerous, including an overall cooler surface temperature and no tracking/migrating of the product in rain and wind.

Here’s the field before it was upgraded to a synthetic turf system with Safeshell:

Take a look at the vibrant, lush synthetic turf athletic field at the Wheeler School after Safeshell was installed.

Learn more about the school’s upgraded facilities.

Pierce County Parks and Rec reinvests in public facilities with Envirofill turf infill

One of the many benefits of a synthetic turf athletic field is its ability to withstand more usage than a natural grass field. In fact, unlike natural athletic fields, artificial fields don’t ever have to “rest.”

For Pierce County Parks and Rec, that was an important consideration. In ten years, the county experienced a 10% growth in the population and needed more public recreational facilities in order to accommodate the growing number of residents. The appeal of a synthetic turf field, which could be used more frequently than the existing natural field while requiring fewer resources and less maintenance, led the county’s parks and recreation team to Envirofill, which seemed to offer yet more benefits.

So why Envirofill? According to Benjamin Barrett, Capital Projects Manager for Pierce County Parks & Recreation, “product considerations included cost-effectiveness, public health, safety, and longevity. Envirofill was determined to be the safer, cleaner, longer-lasting and more cost-effective choice. It is the only re-usable infill on the market”

Take a look at the incredible difference between Pierce County’s fields before and after the installation of a synthetic turf athletic field with Envirofill. 

Here’s the field “before” its synthetic turf and Envirofill make over:

Pierce County’s beautiful, newly-installed, artificial turf sports and recreation field:

Get more details on Pierce County’s refurbishment.

Hallandale Beach uses Safeshell for brand new community athletic turf field

Is it possible for a synthetic turf athletic field to excel in performance, hold up to the challenges of frequent rainstorms, heavy wind, and high temperatures, and  be made from safe, natural materials? As the Hallandale Beach Parks and Recreation Department found out, the answer is absolutely yes!

After exploring all of the options available to them during the construction of Peter Bluesten Park, the community’s new athletic facilities, it was obvious that Safeshell would be the surest bet. Its higher-density grains meant little to no migration even in strong winds and rain. The turf infill’s unique evaporative, cooling effects meant that it could be up to 38 degrees cooler than synthetic turf fields with crumb rubber-based turf infill. And because it’s 100% made from ground walnut shells and is certified toxin and allergen-free, its safe for the community, the waterways and the environment.

Check out the amazing before and after photos of the field site below and learn more about Peter Bluesten Park.

Ossining Unified School District chooses Motz across the board for synthetic turf sports fields

When Ossining Unified School District experienced the benefits of Envirofill in their synthetic turf athletic fields, it was clear that it would be a winning choice for all of the athletic facilities at the county’s public schools. The local middle school and high school already have multi-purpose fields installed with the anti-microbial, long-lasting, high-performance turf infill. Soon, the high school’s football field will boast Envirofill, too.

Take a look at one of the existing multipurpose fields, before and after the installation of brand new, synthetic turf athletic systems featuring Envirofill.

Ready to makeover your athletic facilities with Motz turf infill?

Let’s talk about the benefits of using Envirofill or Safeshell turf infill in your school or recreation center’s athletic facilities. You’ll be blown away by the results (but we promise your infill will stay in place)!

Contact the Motz team.

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