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Can I Hire Motz For Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance?

Your artificial turf field is a staple for your organization and the athletes that utilize it for hours and hours of training. Since your field experiences a considerable amount of cleats running over it, it is important to have a reliable partner that will assist you. Over the life of a field, it isn’t a matter of if your field will need skillful expertise to address an issue, but when. Our maintenance team, Motz365, can support your facility with a wide range of services, even if the Motz installation team wasn’t your turf field provider. 

With more than 15 years of experience supporting athletic facilities, Motz365 has completed an annual maintenance visit on over 1,100 fields, including 185 surfaces that were installed by other synthetic turf companies. We have three dedicated teams of Turf Care Experts to become your go-to, local team when an issue arises. That has included minor rapid repairs needed prior to a Friday night football game to full crews executing four days of rejuvenation work to extend the life of a field. Our current average response time to repair requests? 6.7 hours.  

An important question we get asked prior to scheduling work on a field built by another team is: will this impact or void my warranty? We do recommend reviewing your field warranty for details around maintenance requirements. If you are having difficulty determining the impact it would have on the protection of your field, our team of experts are able to inspect the document and provide a recommendation. proceed if able.

Ahead of scheduling the maintenance visit or repair work, we suggest setting up a consultation and field inspection with a member of our staff to guarantee we are providing the proper services and allot ample time to complete the work needed.

Contact our team today to arrange a meeting with one of our experts and get your field on the calendar for maintenance or repairs!

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