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Envirofill® & Microban® Explained

Lots of decisions are made when planning the install of a synthetic turf field. These decisions include everything from what type of shock absorption pad to choose, to what kind of turf type will be used. One simple decision to make is using Envirofill with Microban® technology as the infill for your project.

Microban® technology provides protection from the growth of microbes 365/24/7 for the life of the infill. Envirofill has an industry leading 16-year warranty- that’s at least 16 years of antimicrobial product protection! Microban® is infused into Envirofill’s proprietary coating during the manufacturing process, so the Microban® technology will never rub off (it’s a permanent part of the polymer structure).

While athletes are running, sliding or tackling, Envirofill with Microban® technology is constantly working to fight the growth of bacteria that causes mold, mildew, and odor – like a little bacteria ninja. Even below the surface where dark and damp conditions are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, Microban is working to prevent the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria on the infill, and its effectiveness has been proven through ongoing standardized laboratory testing,

Envirofill with Microban® is non-toxic and will not end up in our waterways. Some of the most reputable and industry-leading companies have utilized the anti-microbial protection of Microban® technology in their products, including Under Armour and Reebok. The use of Microban® technology in their consumer textiles (clothing, people!) highlights the gentle (or consumer-friendly) nature of this technology (our skin is quite sensitive, you know!).  The technology is also registered with the EPA for all of these particular uses.

Our team is worrying about a safe, environmentally friendly surface so you don’t have to! (you’re welcome) 🙂

But, the benefits of Envirofill don’t end with antimicrobial protection. Envirofill stays cooler than other infills, even on the hottest days. It doesn’t compact, doesn’t settle, and stays cleaner. It’s as tough as the athletes, themselves!

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