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How to Design a Baseball or Softball Synthetic Turf Field

As you get your game plan together for your baseball or softball synthetic turf field, you learn that there are a lot of options for how your field could look! Do you only turf the infield? Do you add logos in the outfield or behind home plate? What colors do you want to use for the dirt areas? Narrowing down what you want and what is within your budget can be daunting. It’s important that you know what is possible and recommended when considering these design pieces for your artificial turf field – and that’s why you plan your field with a knowledgeable team!

Our turf field design guru, Amber Moore, pulled together some of the most common topics of discussion and questions she hears from owners mapping out the look of their diamonds. She shared her recommendations for ensuring your synthetic turf surface is designed to meet your needs and stays in fair territory!

Warning Track

If you decide to add synthetic turf to your outfield, be sure to consider a warning track to warn outfielders of any oncoming obstruction. Warning tracks typically are between 10’ to 15’ in width and reflect the clay material of the infield. Although, with the wide variety of colors available for synthetic turf, consider a different color entirely to give your field a bold look.

On Deck Circles

On deck circles are the designated space in foul territory given for the next batter to warm up.  With a synthetic turf field you have the option of permanent on-deck circles on your baseball or softball field. These can be shown as the standard 5’ diameter circle, they may be in a contrasting color, or may even include a logo.

Home Plate Area

There are a few options regarding the home plate area on your baseball or softball field. You may want to give the home plate circle a more defined look by adding a white outline or even a colored halo. Walk ups can be added and are used to designate the path from a team’s dugout to the home plate circle.

Are alternating panels an option on a baseball or softball turf field?

Give your baseball or softball field a freshly mown look with alternating panels. These can be laid out in varying widths in either the outfield, infield or even hip areas. They may be shown in interesting designs as well.


Consider purchasing replacements for your baseball or softball field to extend the use of high wear areas. Batters’ boxes, the catcher’s box, and even the area in front of the pitching rubber can be installed with hook and loop. This allows these high wear areas of turf to be removed and replaced with new pieces.  

Where on the field can logos be added?

You have several different options when it comes to displaying a logo on a baseball or softball field. If space allows, a logo behind home plate may be an excellent choice. A logo in the outfield can make a bold statement or can be more subtle with a watermark look. The hips areas can be a good opportunity to showcase a team’s name or even a sponsorship logo.

If you have further questions on how to design your synthetic turf baseball or softball field, or would even like to speak with a professional on how to approach planning for your field project, get in touch with one of our Field Consultants!

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