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How to Remove Snow From a Synthetic Turf Field

In the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, we sometimes see an overlap of winter weather and activities scheduled on synthetic turf fields. In order to keep things moving without being hindered by snow on your field, you’ll want to clear the surface or contact a professional team to help. Questions about the procedures for removing snow from turf are one of the most common calls we receive during winter months. It’s important to know what is allowed with snow removal from your synthetic turf versus what could harm the surface or the future performance of the field.

removing snow from a synthetic turf field

Best practices for removing snow from your field

A few key recommendations before you’re ready to remove snow:


Our Turf Care Experts are happy to answer any other questions or concerns you have about snow removal from your artificial turf, or if you need our assistance in performing that work, contact us below.

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