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What Turf Maintenance Equipment is Recommended?

One of our favorite sayings on our team is “work smarter, not harder.” We want to ensure that any field owner maintaining their synthetic turf field has the best tools and knowledge needed to properly take care of their field, while also doing it as efficiently as possible. There are a few pieces of equipment and supplies that will allow you to effectively maintain your turf field on a regular basis.

The 4 main pieces of equipment you need to maintain your synthetic turf field

1. Grooming brush

The brush is vital for, not only the aesthetics of your field, but also to keep the fibers from falling flat. Think of the brush like the vacuum you use on the carpet at your house. Much like you can adjust a vacuum for different heights of carpet, you can also raise or lower your brush to your turf specifications. It’s crucial to not allow your brush to pass over your fibers too low. You can watch our how-to video on grooming to ensure you’re brushing correctly and not adversely affecting your turf.

2) RTV with proper tire set up

Vehicles with non-pneumatic tires or tires inflated at or below 35 psi are required while conducting your regular grooming. Tires that do not meet these requirements can damage your turf fibers and cause premature wear throughout the field.

3) Debris removal equipment

Removing debris from your field is key to proper drainage on your field and also protecting your athletes from injury due to objects on the surface. We have some field partners who ask their athletes to walk to the field after a game to collect any debris left on the surface. That’s a great option for larger pieces of trash or other items, but when it comes to leaves or smaller debris, it’s most efficient to utilize your sweeper and driving across the field to collect everything.

4) Additional infill material

There are a number of reasons why keeping infill levels properly filled at high-traffic areas of your field is vitally important to the performance and safety of your field. We recommend adding infill to those areas when you’re conducting your regular brushing. Throw a bucket of rubber on your RTV and toss a few handfuls on each of those spots as you drive around the field.

These equipment and tools are designed and recommended to make your life and maintaining your field easier, not harder. If you have questions about what items you have on hand, how to use them, or if you’re in need of acquiring any of these, our team will conduct a maintenance training or site visit to help alleviate your pain points. Set up a time to discuss your field needs with one of our Turf Care Experts.

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