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Providing stability for turf fibers, infill helps create an even playing surface. When looking at synthetic turf infill options, you can choose the infill based on your desired performance needs. Select from four categories including crumb rubber infill, coated sand infill, organic infill, and virgin rubbers. Each category and product within it, comes with their own set of unique benefits and playability characteristics.

Infill Options

What you need to know.
Crumb Rubber: Crumb rubber is the most commonly used infill option, providing enhanced stability and cushioning on a synthetic turf field. It’s also been shown to have a long lifespan and can even be reused. Economically, it’s the most cost-effective infill option. Though it does not require a shock pad to meet performance characteristics, it can be paired with a shock pad for added assurance.
Coated Sand: Envirofill, a coated sand infill, has the benefit of consistency over the lifetime of a field. It’s the only infill warranted for 16 years. Reusability is another great benefit of an Envirofill field. Because Envirofill is a homogenous infill, it's very easy to reclaim and reuse it for multiple lifecycles. Envirofill is free of odor, heavy metals, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). It also offers natural heat reduction for a cooler surface. To make sure the field performs at an optimum level from a shock absorbency standpoint, it’s important to include a shock pad.
Organic: Organic infills are comprised of natural materials. As the name implies, they are intended to be completely organic. Organic infills, like Safeshell, have been shown to keep turf temperatures cooler and are permeable for proper drainage. For participants’ safety, we highly recommend installing this infill option with a shock pad.
Virgin Rubber: Virgin rubber infills, such as EPDM and TPE, are a great selection if you like the way a crumb rubber field plays, but are interested in taking a more progressive route. Created from raw materials, this infill option is completely recyclable and reusable. These infills come in a unique shape that allows for elevated shock absorption. With that said, a shock pad is still recommended in an application using virgin rubber.
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