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Envirofill®’s Microban® Technology: New & Improved

What is Envirofill® made of?

Beneath the surface of Voca, Texas’ serene landscape lies a treasure: the finest quartz sand, found nowhere else on earth. It has a round shape, allowing water to flow more easily. Further, it does not degrade when it comes in contact with harsh chemicals and resists compaction. For high-performance artificial turf fields and backyard landscapes, there is no better choice. 

But Motz takes it one level further. From the mine, the sand is transported to one of our four manufacturing centers, where it’s covered with our industry-leading, non-toxic coating that fully encapsulates each sand grain. This coating provides durability, ensures the product is dust-free, and allows it to shed water instead of absorbing it. Further, this coating is infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection, a superpower that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains and odors. 

This meticulously executed process results in Envirofill®, an outstanding product with high-performance playability and superior performance characteristics. It is the leader among artificial turf infill options for sports and leisure.

Envirofill®: Always evolving

2010: Our beginnings with Microban®

Envirofill® was created in 2005, and brought under the Motz umbrella in 2009. Since then, we’ve been taking this exceptional technology to new heights on a mission to exceed its reputation for being the gold standard of artificial turf infill in the market.

Our trusted partner in this effort has been Microban®, the world’s leading authority in antimicrobial and odor control solutions. They have an army of scientists and chemists who are world-class experts in antimicrobials for consumer, commercial, building, and healthcare products. We’ve worked with them since we developed the first infill with permanent antimicrobial technology in 2011.

2017: The year we adopted ZP Tech

In 2017, Motz upgraded its Envirofill® antimicrobial technology to ZPTech, a zinc-based antimicrobial harnessing Zinc pyrithione, a wide-spectrum antimicrobial. The technology is registered with and deemed safe to use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to a study, “polymers soaked for 2000 hours at 70°C in a detergent bath containing 3000 ppm ZPTech remained 99.99% effective in preventing the growth of Klebsiella pneumoniae, a gram-negative bacteria associated with hospital-acquired infections.” The inclusion of Microban®’s ZPTech was our way of improving infill performance for our customers. To date, this technology is used in various sports and recreation areas to improve the quality and safety of the playing surface.

2024: From good to great

We firmly believe what’s in your turf matters, so in 2024, after years of research and development, we took Envirofill® one step further in safety and efficacy. Passionately devoted to excellence in synthetic turf infill manufacturing, we will never rest on “good enough.” Progress is in our nature, which is why our team is always innovating to find new and better ways to serve the market. 

Envirofill® now features Microban®’s newest 100% heavy metal-free antimicrobial technology, making our artificial turf infill cleaner and safer than ever. This technology utilizes LapisShield, a sodium pyrithione-based antimicrobial that inhibits bacterial growth on the treated surfaces by up to 99.99%. 

While our previous formula was effective, we understand consumer sentiments towards intentionally-added heavy metals are changing. This upgrade reflects our commitment to constant improvement and another step toward environmental responsibility.

What are the benefits of Envirofill®?

Used extensively in competitive sports venues, homes and leisure spaces, Envirofill® is the safest option for home lawns and indoor sports venues as well. All for excellent reasons. Some are as follows:

1. Safety: Envirofill® is infused with Microban®’s cutting-edge antimicrobial protection during the manufacturing process, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, making it a hygienic option for playgrounds, pet areas, and sports fields.

2. Durability and stability: The rounded quartz core of Envirofill® resists compaction and can last for many years with minimal maintenance. It is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and sports equipment, which is essential for high-traffic areas like professional sports fields and landscaping for playgrounds and homes with children and pets.

3. Low maintenance: Thanks to its durability and stability, Envirofill® does not require watering or frequent top-off, making it a stress-free and low-maintenance option for both sports venues and residential applications.

4. Kinder on the environment: Because of its superior durability, Envirofill® can be reused in any field for its second lifecycle without a decrease in performance, which contributes to its sustainability. Moreover, Envirofill® is so safe that it has been declared non-hazardous and exempt from Prop 65 labeling requirements after a thorough evaluation by Duke University’s Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine office.

Learn more about what that means here.

5. Life-like appeal: The rich green color of Envirofill® adds a realistic and lush look to synthetic turf, enhancing its visual appeal. It’s not as springy as crumb rubber, so the playing surface feels much firmer – much more like natural grass.

6. Longevity: Envirofill® contributes to the longevity of your turf, leading to lower maintenance and replacement costs over time. Envirofill® also comes with a 16-year warranty, one of the longest warranties in the industry.

Envirofill® today: The top choice for sports fields and homes

Ever since Motz was established in the 70s, we have remained committed to raising the bar when it comes to turf fields and leisure spaces. The transition to a more environmentally friendly and heavy metal-free antimicrobial solution represents a leap forward, aligning with modern ecological and health standards. Today, Envirofill® stands as a model of excellence in the industry, offering unparalleled safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Motz’s dedication to innovation and improvement ensures that Envirofill® remains at the forefront of the turf infill market, continuing to provide top-tier solutions that meet the evolving needs of its diverse clientele. By choosing Envirofill®, you are investing not only in a product that is good for today but also one that is better for tomorrow – because what’s in your turf truly matters.

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