Motz Executes Baltimore
Ravens Turf Conversion

Motz takes the field at M&T Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens, to perform a synthetic to natural turf conversion just in time for the 2016 NFL Season!  


How To Reduce Heat
on a Synthetic Turf Field?

Concerned about heat on your synthetic turf field? Remain cool...we have you covered! Check out these tips on best practices for maintaining a cooler surface.        


Interested in Leveraging
Cooperative Purchasing?

Motz is an awarded vendor of several prestigious cooperative purchasing programs, allowing us to expedite member orders because purchase requirements are completed during the RFP process.  

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Our People: Building Fields and Building Futures

For nearly 40 years, The Motz Group has been committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every field we create. Our dedicated team members deliver quality craftsmanship to every field they touch. With true passion and unparalleled knowledge and service, our people really do make the difference.