Ohio University Peden Stadium

Project Overview

As the oldest in the state, Ohio University (OU) in Athens is a big name in academics and athletics. 

The 125-year-old Ohio Bobcats football program has achieved over 500 wins in its lifetime. Two hundred of those wins are from its 72 years in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) games alone. And to top it all off, no matches were lost on the field in 2022.

As with all collegiate football fields that endure intense wear and tear season after season, it came time to replace OU’s synthetic sports turf at Peden Stadium. And they needed to do it fast.

There were three reasons why OU chose Motz for the job.

Reputed for its high-performance installations, Motz has worked with well-known universities and NFL sports teams such as the University of Cincinnati, Ohio State University, University of Dayton, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Browns — who all had great experience feedback. Additionally, Ohio University and Motz have had a deep-rooted relationship on campus for several years. Most recently, they worked together on the installation of the synthetic turf baseball infield in 2018, which OU loved. So, choosing to partner with Motz for OU’s synthetic turf field installation was easy; and Motz was proud to partner again with the Bobcats for renewing Peden Stadium’s turf.

Athens, OH



Removal / Replacement

The Situation

OU is deeply committed to sustainability. They wanted a high-performing, safe field that aligned with its go-green initiatives. In line with its fame and reputation, it needed solid branding embodying the Bobcats’ spirit. They chose Shaw Sport Turf’s proprietary GAME ON technology, bringing together top-of-the-line field performance and modern design. GAME ON offers a new approach where logos, lines, and numbers are tufted together in one run while limiting the number of seams in a sports field. 

This synthetic turf football field at Ohio University was also a Zero Waste Project

In addition to reducing seams and providing increased field integrity, the turf infill was reused, the old turf recycled, and construction waste diverted using Motz’s industry-leading Zero Waste approach.

The Play

First, the Motz team reclaimed the infill using Motz-patented equipment from its sister company, Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS). It then needed to be removed – but instead of sending it to a landfill, the reclaimed synthetic turf was rolled, wrapped up and shipped to two Motz partners to be repurposed into shock pads and/or recycled nailer boards.

After the turf removal and base prep, the team installed a ProPlay 20 D Schmitz shock pad and a Motz Twenty-Four/Seven Synthetic Turf System. Lastly, the reclaimed rubber and sand infill mixture was added to the new turf surface to support turf fibers and add to the playability of the field.

As with any large project with a lot of moving parts, there were obstacles in the turf field replacement process. The university was deliberating over a new direction with the naming of the field, so Motz suggested that the logo be painted by another contractor while they waited on the turf version. 

Motz is very hands-on and solution-oriented, so no matter what challenges arose, the team swooped in swiftly with several options. This made it clear to OU’s athletic director and her team that Motz was not just an effective contractor — it was prepared to be a partner in bringing OU’s vision to life. And it didn’t stop there. Motz also provided a synthetic turf solution for their ramp and concourse areas to clean up and better utilize their site. A ball-stop netting system was added to create a uniform structure and improve their field complex.

The selection for our new surface was comprehensive and a very detailed one. It became very clear to us early on that The Motz Group would not only have the best product, but could meet all the demanding timelines, along with very reliable service and innovative ideas to enhance our vision! When you combine those things it creates a great team, and “teamwork makes the dream work!” Motz is a first class organization!

Tim Albin | Head Football Coach
Ohio University

The Win

Sustainability Focused and Innovative Field Technology

The GAME ON system created a world-class, branded artificial turf field for OU, and the tuft technology created a uniform surface for their athletes. With it, the entirety of the old synthetic grass and turf infill could go straight to recycling through Motz’s Zero Waste process. In 2023, Motz was honored with the Synthetic Turf Council’s Sustainability Award for the work completed on the replacement at Peden Stadium. 

Game Ready

GAME ON, combined with Motz’s science-backed, innovative products and methods and carefully selected partners, helped create a low-maintenance, high-performance sports turf and a consistent, safe, and durable playing surface. OU’s football coach Tim Albin loves it. And so do the players.

Experienced Field Experts

The Motz team’s experience, expertise, and attentive customer service allowed OU to breathe easily throughout the process. From the sales presentation to the training and closeout experience, Motz constantly communicated, anticipated problems, and promptly provided solutions.

Ohio University already had a great experience working with the Motz team on their synthetic turf baseball infield in 2018, but this project went a long way in developing unshakeable trust with the OU staff.

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