The Motz Group Executes Full Synthetic to Natural Turf Conversion at M&T Bank Stadium, Home of the Baltimore Ravens

Since the 1920’s, good old-fashioned natural turf fields have been a tradition in the National Football League (NFL). Natural turf fields graced sports venues across the nation for over 40 years and are a key part of league’s tapestry. But in the 1960’s, with the promise of reduced maintenance and more consistent playing conditions, synthetic turf begin to weave its way in, changing the standard. Though synthetic turf still has a very strong place in the industry, several NFL franchises are contemplating a move back to their natural roots.

Baltimore RavensThe Baltimore Ravens began evaluating a conversion to grass in 2015 and made the decision in December to “go natural.” After an exhaustive vetting process, they selected The Motz Group to deliver the conversion project. To ensure play on a high-performance natural turf field for the 2016 NFL season, Motz took the field at M&T Bank Stadium in early February. Our team began by removing and recycling the old synthetic turf field. From there, we excavated the gravel foundation, repaired the heating, drainage and irrigation systems, and prepared the rootzone for placement. In early May, we executed the final step by installing the Bermuda grass sod.

M&T Bank Stadium has featured synthetic turf since 2003. Like many other cold season/transition zone stadiums, weather and low temperatures played a large part in why the team decided to go the synthetic route years ago. Now, with improved technologies in field heating and artificial lighting, the Ravens have put natural turf back in play. A synthetic turf system will be maintained as a surround to the grass playing surface.

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