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The Motz Group & Shaw Sports Turf Team Up to Provide Ohio State University’s Ohio Stadium with New High-Performance Turf Field


The Motz Group and Shaw Sports Turf worked in unison to create a new synthetic turf field for Ohio State University at Ohio Stadium. The result is a top-of-the-line synthetic turf system, featuring an updated design for the iconic Horseshoe. Motz tested Ohio Stadium’s turf surface using a patented process developed by Shaw. This data was evaluated to create a peak-performing and low-impact turf field that will support OSU’s athletes from head to toe. OSU chose The Motz Group – Shaw Sports Turf combination in part because of their commitment to the science required to create a surface that would play consistently between their game field and recently installed practice field.

Shaw Sports Turf’s’ patented Playability Assessment Tool is a comprehensive analysis of the turf surface and measures the impact of the field on the athlete. Leveraging the insights gained from the Playability Assessment Tool, Motz could ensure that the field within Ohio Stadium was consistent with the surface they constructed at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center earlier in the year.

Zach Burns, CEO of The Motz Group said, “We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Ohio State and very excited to continue offering our services and knowledge by improving the playing surface at Ohio Stadium.” 

Zach continued, “Field performance and remarkable service are our top priority. We make sure to bring safety, durability, and longevity to all the fields we build through our experience, expertise, and high-quality products. We have developed this reputation in the industry throughout the years by building professional and collegiate fields, as well as, providing reliable customer service to our partners. Our team ensures those surfaces are properly maintained and monitored throughout their life.”

Once the decision was made to go with Shaw Sports Turf and The Motz Group, the team worked together to determine the best overall turf system for OSU’s needs. As a result, 85,555 square feet of Shaw’s Momentum Pro product was installed. Momentum Pro utilizes slit film technology, its interlaced structure holds down infill and reduces fly-out while maintaining a sturdy, steady, and reliable playing surface for athletes to consistently play in peak conditions.

“Shaw Sports Turf is very excited to partner with The Motz Group to provide a top-of-the-line installation for The Ohio State University. The Buckeyes are an organization that values innovation, and proven quality,” said Vice President of Shaw Turf Chuck McClurg. “We are confident that the Momentum Pro system will provide an exceptionally consistent, elite playing surface that the university can be proud of for years to come.”

Shaw and Motz have teamed up on other notable installations including the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and Cleveland Browns. Ohio State was confident that its new field would be as high performing as a professional level field due to the providers’ honorable reputation, expertise within the industry, commitment to maintenance, and experience building NFL (National Football League) fields.

For over 45 years, Motz has been committed to leaving an enduring legacy built on innovation, performance, and trust in every field they have built. Motz used the data from Shaw’s playability process to deliver a prescriptive synthetic playing field that truly meets all performance, safety, and durability needs for OSU.

Shaw Sports Turf is a Georgia based Manufacturer and one of the leading synthetic turf companies with a strong commitment to innovation. The largest American-owned and operated synthetic turf company in the world, Shaw Sports Turf has introduced products like B1K baseball systems utilized by several professional teams, Game ON revolutionary, patented tufting technology and the aforementioned Playability Assessment Tool for field testing.

About Motz:

The Motz Group has built performance for more than four decades now and has made its name by designing and constructing innovative, performance-based sports field systems nationally and internationally. The business culture and customer support at Motz are built on the culmination of people and planning, processes and problem solving, innovations and responsiveness, and an intense desire by a passionate and dedicated team of employee-owners working relentlessly to bring all the elements of quality, consistency, innovation, and service perfectly together. Founded in 1977 and serving the high-performance natural and synthetic turf markets, Motz is one of the world’s most recognized and highly respected turf system specialists. The Motz team of experts don’t just talk about performance – they build it. This employee-owned company celebrates 45+ years in the industry and proudly stands behind its products and services to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with its valued customer base. Motz as an organization is built on the promise of delivering the best experience to its customers and aspires to continuously drive the industry forward and impact the customers and communities they proudly serve.

About Shaw Sports Turf:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Shaw Industries is a full flooring provider to the residential and commercial markets. Shaw supplies carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, and tile/ stone flooring products, as well as synthetic turf. Shaw Sports Turf is one of the leading synthetic turf companies in North America and has represented quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 3,500 successful installations, including an impressive list of high-profile field installations.

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