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Artificial Turf & Envirofill Maintenance for Commercial Applications

How to Maintain Your Business’s Envirofill and Turf

We get it. Your business, all aspects of it, is an incredible investment. Moreover, we’re thankful that you’ve chosen to invest in us. Thus, we want to help you protect your investment buy equipping you with the best knowledge of Envirofill maintenance procedures for commercial applications.

How to Maintain Your Envirofill and Turf for your Business

One of the most important maintenance practices for commercial turf installations is to keep the infill levels consistent and properly filled in all high-traffic areas. These spots are where repetitive action takes place during extended use. For example, the bottom of a slide at a playground or at a gate entrance are areas where a lot of people walk. The constant foot-traffic results in displacement of infill that will require both replacement and redistribution of infill. It is imperative that you do this regularly. Otherwise, the infill will erode and you will lose the even foundation.

Without proper infill distribution in areas of high foot traffic, the fibers will start to layover. The constant activity on the turf can cause the fibers to wear over time much faster than usual. If the fibers are too worn down, the backing of the turf may become exposed. At this point, the only solution is to replace some or all of your turf in order to the return to the same consistency. Additionally, you will want to be sure to keep chewing gum, food, sunflower seeds, soda, juice, tobacco and sharp objects away from the turf to prevent unnecessary damage.

Below are a few tools, maintenance routines, and important concerns to be aware of when learning how to maintain your Envirofill-infused turf.


  • Brushing Unit (Stiff bristled push broom or leaf blower)
  • Extra Envirofill for high traffic areas


  • Brushing (once a week)
    • Use a soft push broom or leaf blower once a week to clean any debris from the turf.
  • Debris/Waste Removal (as needed):
    • Remove any pet waste or debris from the turf.
  • Top-Dressing (as needed)
    • Use your extra bags of Envirofill to infill high-traffic spots in the turf where infill may not be at the proper height. This is good to do to keep your turf upright and looking like the day it was installed.

Special Cases

  • Gum:
    • Can be removed using an aerosol freeze product purchased at local hardware store.
  • Stains:
    • Can be removed with commercial detergents that are neutral based. Do not use bleach or oxidizing detergents on the turf. Following this, clean the area with a disinfectant.
  • Pet waste:
    • Envirofill has built-in Microban antimicrobial technology to fight against bacteria, mold and mildew. However, for peace of mind you may also consider using an enzyme cleaner after picking up the debris.

Finally, Envirofill requires no watering and has a unique rounded design which avoids compaction and promotes better percolation rates than traditional infills which means better drainage. Envirofill is one of the lowest maintenance infills on the market which means less time maintaining your lawn!

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