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Barkwood Dog Park opens as NE Ohio’s first fully synthetic turf field using safe, reliable and clean Envirofill infill

Dogs can run free in Beachwood, thanks to the opening of Barkwood Park, an off-leash dog park at Beachwood City Park East. The artificial turf park comprises a little less than a half-acre in total land, with two sections — one for small dogs weighing less than 30 pounds and one dedicated to larger dogs.

Barkwood Park isn’t just a simple fenced-in area where dogs can roam free, though. It’s a luxury park with furniture for the dogs, as well as benches and water fountains for both canines and their human friends.

Photo Credits: SYNLawn NE Ohio

In addition, the park was designed with 45-degree corners instead of 90-degree corners in an attempt to cut down on aggressive behavior by dogs, according to Beachwood’s community service director, Karen Carmen.

One of the most unique aspects of Barkwood Park is it’s the first 100% synthetic dog park in Northeast Ohio. Installed by SYNLawn NE Ohio, it is a low-maintenance, pet-friendly synthetic grass that is also friendly to the environment.

Within the synthetic turf park is Envirofill, a non-toxic and completely reusable infill product. Envirofill is perhaps the best infill solution for synthetic turf fields used by pets because of its use of Microban, an antimicrobial product protection that works continuously to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors.

These are some of the main reasons why the City of Beachwood chose Envirofill, which made it paw-sible for the project to move forward.

Microban’s technology reduces ammonia odor from urine by up to 99%. The product has been scientifically proven to disrupt the bacteria process that converts pet urine into ammonia odor.

So, while you may be thinking a synthetic turf surface would absorb odors from dogs, it actually does just the opposite when Envirofill infill is installed. This is extremely important to dog owners and the people who run Barkwood Park, as there’s no stopping Fido once he gets excited and is running around with his newfound friends.

Photo Credits: BThomasHart Photography

Even better, Envirofill is a non-toxic, non-hazardous material, which makes it safe for pets and humans alike. This is especially important for the furry friends who will love running free in Barkwood Park’s unique design and layout.

The synthetic turf park and Envirofill are made in America, help dogs stay clean and safe, and Envirofill is reusable.

For the City of Beachwood, Envirofill also provides a surface that requires little to no maintenance. There is no need for watering, in addition to no concerns over allergies or strong odors. Envirofill’s rounded design helps the synthetic turf surface avoid compaction, making drainage better before and cleanup easier after use.

The city is taking safety one step further at Barkwood Park by requiring residents to apply for access through the city’s website, which will require them to provide proof of current vaccinations for their dogs. The city will grant access to residents on an annual basis to ensure all dogs are current on their shots.

In all, Barkwood Park will be a wonderfully green and safe haven for dogs and owners in the City of Beachwood for years to come, and Envirofill with Microban technology is a main reason for that.

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