University of Cincinnati Baseball Stadium

Project Overview

The University of Cincinnati, dubbed as one of the world’s most-innovative universities, shares Motz’ home turf of Cincinnati, Ohio. The two entities have a long history together and a partnership that has spanned almost a decade. Within that length of time, Motz has worked alongside the University of Cincinnati on four large artificial turf field projects, including two installations and two artificial turf field replacements. 

This long standing and trusted working relationship led the University of Cincinnati to bring Motz on to replace its baseball field — the first Motz field installed on campus in 2014.

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The Situation

After demanding baseball seasons and years of wear and tear, University of Cincinnati’s artificial turf baseball field was in need of a replacement. An upgrade to the facilities would bring the university into the Big 12 conference and take the school’s competitiveness to new heights as a program. 

The university wanted to provide a fast and safe surface to its baseball team so playability and performance were at the top of the priority list going into the field replacement project. University of Cincinnati needed a trusted partner to meet its needs and provide a quality, safe field to be utilized for the next several years, and Motz was the perfect partner.

The Play

After many successful artificial turf field projects over the years, and a history of quality maintenance and customer service, Motz began work on a replacement synthetic turf baseball field for the Bearcats. 

For the University of Cincinnati, playability and performance were key in the development of their new artificial turf baseball field. The Motz team worked on a more engineered solution to provide a tactically specific baseball experience on the turf’s surface. 

Motz combined its professional expertise with its caring approach to construct an innovative new field for the University of Cincinnati. In the pre-construction phase, Motz conducted a 3D laser scan of the field to evaluate drainage. The Motz team fixed drainage issues, cleaned out the pipe collector, coordinated fence work, worked alongside the new indoor space being built, and coordinated with other campus work going on while maintaining safety and logistics throughout the project. 

The new field replacement boasts two of Motz’s products. The warning track is made up of Safeshell, a natural synthetic turf infill, and the infield uses Safeshell SmoothPlay, the same natural infill product but designed specifically for athletic performance. SmoothPlay synthetic turf infill settles easily into dense turf systems, creating a surface that mimics natural field play and provides a long-lasting playing surface that can withstand heavy use with minimal breakdown. Additionally, this synthetic turf infill is designed with a smaller granule size, resulting in a less abrasive surface. Abrasion in SmoothPlay is reduced by up to 42% compared to traditional crumb rubber and sand systems.

The Bearcats field is the first Division 1 installation of Safeshell, as well as the first overall installation of Safeshell SmoothPlay.

The Win


Motz utilized its years of experience and strategic methodology to create a new synthetic turf baseball field for the University of Cincinnati. The new field is customized to meet the performance and playability qualities that the university was looking for. Motz considered the best possible solution for playability and ball roll for the new artificial turf baseball field, as well as durability and safety factors. Because of Motz’s industry experience and quality service, the University of Cincinnati now has a beautiful new synthetic turf baseball field to give them a leg up in the competition of the Big 12 conference.


Over the past 10 years, Motz and the University of Cincinnati have continued to grow and strengthen their partnership. The University of Cincinnati chose Motz for its expertise, quality service, and trustworthiness. Over and over again, Motz has proved its loyalty and service quality through maintenance services, replacements, and installations, with this new baseball field proving to be another win for both Motz and the University of Cincinnati.

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