8 Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Must Do’s


Synthetic turf fields are designed to resist both wear and exposure to the elements. The effectiveness of their materials, design, and construction is demonstrated by the long life of fields under heavy use in many climates. However, like many frequently used products, you must follow certain guidelines and recommendations to keep it safe, and performing at its best. Considering field owners have a long to-do list when it comes to their facility, how can they prioritize top tasks for their turf field?

When it comes to maintaining the synthetic turf field, always: 

  1. Control Access to keep the field safe from things like vandalism or damage to the turf
  2. Post Signs that include a list of activities not allowed on the field to ensure safe practices occur
  3. Monitor Load Limits by equipping any vehicles needed for work on field have the proper specifications for weight to avoid creating divots or other damage to the base
  4. Consider Wear Patterns and encourage practices or repetitive activities to shift around the field from time-to-time rather than in the same areas
  5. Confirm Tire Specs to protect the synthetic turf fibers from added wear
  6. Address Repairs to create further damage to those areas
  7. Recommended Maintenance & Inspections to keep the field in pristine condition and preparing for the future of the turf
  8. Annual Deep Cleans allows for expert eyes on your turf field to address concerns or plan accordingly for replacement or major needs

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