How to Groom a Synthetic Turf Football Field


Synthetic turf football fields are built to withstand hundreds of hours of activity. With the increased action your field sees, especially during the peak season, it is imperative for the surface to have proper maintenance practices conducted. The most important habit you will need to implement is regular grooming of your field.  

We often get asked how frequently grooming needs to be conducted. Our recommendation is that your synthetic turf field should be groomed once for every 40 hours of activity. During peak football seasons, typically summer through fall, your field will usually need to be groomed about every two weeks.

What does grooming entail? Below are some best practices for regular synthetic turf field upkeep:

  1. brushing the fibers
  2. keeping infill levels adequate in high-traffic areas (think: extra point areas, center of field, sidelines, etc.)
  3. removing trash and other debris
  4. alerting your turf provider to any repairs needed
  5. ensuring that harmful activities stay off of the surface

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Grooming on a Synthetic Turf Football Field

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