How to Remove Snow From a Synthetic Turf Field


In the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, we sometimes see an overlap of winter weather and activities scheduled on synthetic turf fields. In order to keep things moving without being hindered by snow on your field, you’ll want to clear the surface or contact a professional team to help. Questions about the procedures for removing snow from turf are one of the most common calls we receive during winter months. It’s important to know what is allowed with snow removal from your synthetic turf versus what could harm the surface or the future performance of the field.

Snow Removal by The Motz Group

With that in mind, we want to share some best practices for removing snow from your field.

  • The best way to remove snow is with a powered snow blower, mounted on a small tractor with turf tires. Be aware that vehicles with non-pneumatic tires or tires inflated at or below 35 psi are required while removing the snow.
  • A tractor-mounted snow plow is also acceptable as long as it has a rubber-edged blade. When lowering the blade, leave 1-2” between the bottom of the rubber and the turf, to avoid disruption of the infill.
  • Always take extra care to assure that the depth of any mechanical device designed for snow removal is properly set to avoid gouging or ripping the synthetic turf field surface and never allow the tires to spin.
  • You will notice some snow left on your artificial turf, even after passing over it with the plow, due to the height of the blade – that’s okay! As the temperature increases or the sun makes an appearance, the leftover snow will melt.
  • Chemical melting of snow/ice is also acceptable, but only the use of non-corrosive calcium chloride is recommended. If you’re unsure on the product, give us a call.
  • Once the field is clear of snow, take a walk across the synthetic turf to look for low infill areas. Be sure to touch those areas up with a round of infill before activity occurs.

A few key recommendations before you’re ready to remove snow:

  • Before you remove the snow on your field, contact our Motz365 team to discuss any snow removal actions and how they could possibly affect your warranty.
  • Keep in mind that any damage caused to the artificial turf during the snow removal, such as a torn seam, may be subject to repair costs.
  • Check the drains around your field. Make sure they are clear of debris to accommodate all of the melting snow or ice from the turf.

Our Turf Care Experts are happy to answer any other questions or concerns you have about snow removal from your artificial turf, or if you need our assistance in performing that work, contact us at the quick form below.

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