What are the High-Traffic Areas on a Synthetic Turf Field?


When we discuss regular maintenance on a synthetic turf field, there are a number of things that rise to the top as a priority to maintain a long-lasting field. One of those very important practices (and the easiest) is ensuring that high-traffic areas on your field are properly filled with infill, and adding infill when those areas get low.

What are the areas on a synthetic turf field that are considered “high-traffic” and see the most activity on a regular basis?

Football Field High-Traffic Areas

  • Center of the field
  • 15 yard line
  • Goal lines
  • Extra point line
  • Between the hash marks
  • Kick “X”s

Soccer & Lacrosse Field High-Traffic Areas

  • Penalty spot
  • Corner kick
  • Goal mouth
  • Center circle
  • Face-off location
  • Linesman paths

Baseball & Softball Field High-Traffic Areas

  • Batter’s box
  • Catcher’s box
  • Umpire’s box
  • First base area
  • Second base area
  • Pitcher’s mound
  • On-deck circles

Keeping these areas full of the infill of your choice is crucial. With the significant amount of repetitive activity these spots see from your athletes, little to no infill will result in premature degrading of the fibers. It can also lead to safety issues in those spots, as a lack of infill and lower infill heights will drive up the gmax scores, and may need to be patched with brand new turf earlier than the rest of the field.

We want to ensure this practice is as easy and efficient as possible for you and your team. Our Turf Care Experts can set-up a maintenance training with your staff to run through a quick how-to of adding infill to high-traffic areas, and restock your infill inventory as needed.

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