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6 Athletic Tips And Tricks To Maintain Your Running Track

The safety, performance, and cleanliness of your running track requires proper maintenance and constant attention. The lifespan of your athletic track starts with the way you care for it. Find the correct track cleaning process and track tips to maintain your running track with Motz Track Aide maintenance tips.

6 Athletic Running Track Cleaning Tips

1. How do you maintain an athletic track?

Improves the return on investment on your Athletic Track! How? Regular maintenance of your athletic track  will extend the life of the surface of your field and save you money. Keeping the original color of your running track begins with the right track care plan and using a cleaning professional regularly.

2. Can you pressure wash a track?

You do not want to damage your athletic track by using intense pressure washing. The force of the water would damage your running track.


  • Sweep the surface of your field to remove debris for a basic cleaning.
  • An intensive cleaning track cleaning includes a washing and cleansing to remove any dirt, stains, bacteria, and spills to create a safer track field.
To find out more about the cleaning process check out our blog : What to expect when cleaning your track field to get more details.

3. How long does a running track last?

A track field will last you 10-20 years with the proper cleaning, resurfacing care, and maintenance routine. The proper structure and quality of your track surface are important for the longevity of your running track. Make sure you choose a professional with experience in the industry to do your routine cleaning and resurfacing. This will keep your track lasting for years to come.

4. Can you drive on a running track?

Yes, you can drive on a running track. It is important to limit vehicles on your running track. There are requirements to keep in mind when driving on your track in order to protect the surface. When you drive on your track make sure you follow our 6 tips and regulations for driving on a running track.

6 tips and regulations for driving on a running track:

  1. Oil spills and a heavy load can impact the surface of your running track.

  2. If you do choose to drive a vehicle directly on your running track make sure you never turn the wheels on the track surface.

  3. The tires of your vehicles must be inflatable tires.

  4. Do not drive over drains along the track or you could damage them.

  5. Decide the entrance point onto the track when you drive your vehicle and make sure to keep that access spot for where you will cross to avoid wear and tear.

  6. Lastly, make sure to avoid heavy traffic during high temperatures.


5. What routine inspection should you do on your running track?

Maintenance inspections are important to avoid costly repairs to your running track. It also improves safety and keeps the lines on the field visible. It is important for your athletes that you keep your running track looking updated and the surface performance in check. Routine inspections are small maintenance tasks you can do as a groundskeeper, grounds manager, or athletic director to maintain a consistent running track.

5 Maintenance Routine Inspections Tips for you running track:

  1. Remove weeds and sand that may be near your track to ensure a consistent running surface for your athletes.
  2. Manage vehicle access and raised bar or curb for maintenance and athletic purposes to meet the World Athletics requirements.
  3. Make sure drainage sites on the track are operating properly, are cleaned, and are free of debris.
  4. Clean your track regularly to avoid EPDM granules from clogging the drainage system and getting stuck under the curb of the running track.
  5. A basic cleaning of your track consists of sweeping the surface to remove leaves, dust, rocks, and debris with special equipment that is gentle on the running track surface.

Improve Your Running Track Cleaning Process with Motz365 Track Aide

At Motz, Track Aide is a track cleaning serves designed to effectively clean running tracks, both indoor and outdoor, without damaging the surface or diminishing painted lines. Motz365 Track Aide provides services and tips to help you master the cleaning and maintenance of your running tracks. Our team of experts are available to improve the return on your investment. Set up a call or check out Track Aide service options today!

Looking to replace the surface of your existing running track or seeking repair services? Contact our team to get a customized cost estimate for your project specs.

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