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All You Need to Know About Running Track Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s a fact most running track owners are well aware of: maintaining a track that’s as clean and brightly colored as the day it was installed isn’t easy.

From rain and bleacher run-off to dirt that’s been packed in by so many running feet, the once-vibrant reds and blues of a colored running track inevitably dull over time. To keep your track in top shape, you’ll need a track maintenance plan, as well as the teamwork to implement it.

As an employee-owned sports field construction and maintenance company, Motz knows one of the biggest values of being part of a team is the ability to combine strengths. Our Motz365 Track Aide team is a prime example of that. Together, our decades of experience in athletic surfacing installation and maintenance, as well as track cleaning expertise, mean we’re able to provide athletic facility owners with full-service maintenance, from running track cleaning solutions that improve the look and lifespan of their track to artificial turf field installation and repairs. 

But whether you’re the owner of an indoor or outdoor track, why is cleaning so important to your running track’s longevity? We walk through what you need to know below.

How Cleaning Your Running Track Is Important To Track Longevity

Why Clean Your Track?

Things like dirt, stains, algae, and spills not only take away from the appearance of your track — they can pose a legitimate risk to the athletes that use it. The surface of your running track is key for both performance and safety, affecting everything from runners’ speed and balance to their technique. A running track that’s begun to accumulate algae and other organic growth, for instance, can easily become a slippery surface. 

Excess water and grime will also accelerate your track’s wear and tear, shortening its lifespan. With proper cleaning as part of its maintenance regimen, your running track should last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. A track that’s been allowed to accumulate growth, however, may need to be prematurely replaced well before that.

Not only that, but a clean track means a vivid, aesthetically appealing one — in other words, a track that athletes are more inspired to use. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a newly cleaned running track and a just-installed one, which can help your entire facility appear up-to-date and better cared for. Plus, cleaning your track can improve the visibility of its lines and markings; we at Motz have partnered with clients who, prior to having their track cleaned by our Track Aide team, believed they needed a complete restriping. A proper cleaning of the track erased that need, saving them significant cost.

What Is The Process For Running Track Cleaning?

Sport Aide developed the Flier Track Surface Cleaner™ to effectively clean running tracks, both indoor and out, without damaging the surface or diminishing painted lines. The machine uses high-pressure, heated water to remove stains and debris from running tracks’ textured surfaces — no chemicals needed. Next, our vacuum system quickly and efficiently recovers up to 95% of the water used, running it through a filtering process. 

Running track cleaning is a multi-step process that takes multiple days — most tracks are able to be completely cleaned in four to five days, with larger tracks requiring more time.

How Often Should I Clean My Track Surface?

All in all, it’s recommended to clean your running track every three years, depending on how frequently your track is used and by how many people.

Pro Tip:

If your artificial turf field is also nearing replacement, combine these projects. It’s best to time your track and field upkeep in such a way that maximizes facility access and use; as a full-service provider, the Motz365 team can help with any of your adjacent field maintenance or replacement needs.

Start Your Track Cleaning Routine Today with Motz365 Track Aide!

Ready to improve your running track’s look, performance, and lifespan? Talk to one of our track cleaning experts today.

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