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8 Reasons Envirofill Is Changing the Game For Indoor Synthetic Turf Sports Facilities

Installing a new, indoor, artificial turf sports field? Make Envirofill your winning strategy

Artificial turf infill is kind of a big deal, especially when you’re selecting one to build an exceptional indoor turf field. Why? Because your chosen turf infill product will impact your field’s performance, maintenance protocol, and the health and safety of everyone who plays on it.

There’s only one artificial turf infill on the market that will cover all of your bases and give your indoor athletic facility the edge that athletes and coaches will love, and it’s Envirofill.

Top 8 reasons to use Envirofill in your indoor synthetic turf sports complex

Envirofill infill is the MVP of indoor turf sports fields. Here’s why.

1. All-star playing experiences that last.

Envirofill caters to all field sports, indoor and out, without compromising on game performance, safety, or longevity. It’s reusable and has a 16-year, warranty-backed life cycle, which is something you won’t find with any other turf infill product.

2. It’s antimicrobial.

Indoor turf isn’t exposed to the sun’s UV rays, which acts as a natural protectant from the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the surface of outdoor synthetic turf fields. So how do you inhibit the growth of germs on your indoor sports field? With a turf infill equipped with antimicrobial technology, that’s how. Envirofill is infused with Microban, a permanent, antimicrobial agent that helps keep turf clean.

3. It stays in place, just like it should.

Envirofill doesn’t track all over indoor sports facilities because it has a high bulk density and is three times heavier than crumb rubber, thereby limiting product migration and ensuring tidy, durable, and high quality, indoor turf fields.

4. Fresher air for your complex.

Envirofill was designed to reduce unpleasant odors. Indoor turf fields installed with crumb rubber often retain bacteria that creates unwanted smells, especially indoors, where less-than-ideal ventilation makes foul odors stronger. Envirofill with Microban suppresses bacterial growth, and you can smell the difference!

5. No dust, no problem.

Because Envirofill is virtually dust-free, it eliminates the mess and potential respiratory harm associated with post-installation cleanup. Unlike silica sand, which is used as the ballast layer of infill installed under a typical crumb rubber system, Envirofill is exempt from prop 65 labeling, non-toxic, and safe for athletes of all ages.

6. A crowd-pleasing, vibrant aesthetic.

Artificial turf fields installed with Envirofill are visually pleasing, which is especially important if your indoor athletic field is a privately owned facility that relies on memberships. Aesthetics play a key role in attracting and retaining customers and Envirofill’s lush, vibrantly green appearance adds value to any complex.

7. Versatility!

Envirofill enhances ball-to-surface interaction and athletic movement in all field sports. It’s known for creating high-performance synthetic turf surfaces perfect for every indoor sport and activity, including soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, batting cages, and multi-purpose indoor training facilities.

8. NFPA Class A fire ratings.

Artificial turf should accelerate soccer balls, not fireballs. Envirofill is safer than turf infill made from highly-flammable crumb rubber, because the only thing that should be heating up is the game.

Want to learn more about the best turf infill for indoor sports fields?

We’ll give you the nitty-gritty on all of Envirofill’s benefits, from its performance testing results to its low-maintenance protocol, easy ordering process, industry leading 16-year warranty, and so much more. Create the best indoor artificial turf fields possible. Connect with our team today.

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