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How Consistent is Envirofill’s Performance Over Time?

Over time, weather and play consolidate infill which can have a considerable impact on the performance characteristics of a synthetic turf field.  In an ideal state, your synthetic turf sports field will have the same performance over its 8-10 year lifespan. Consistent surface performance is important so your athletes have a predictable experience with their footing and the ball speed and movement.

Most newly installed systems begin very soft as the rubber is high in the turf profile. This is often referred to as a field’s break-in period. This soft and cushiony state is quite noticeable after a field is completed. This break-in period can last a few months or even a few years. The system consolidates over time as the sand works its way to the bottom and the infill begins to nest together. This removes the air voids from the infill profile. As this happens the system becomes increasingly more firm.

Synthetic turf fields play differently across its three phases. The first phase is the break-in phase where the field plays softer and slower than desired. The second phase is the ideal phase where the infill has settled in and is playing optimally. The third phase is the consolidation phase where additional grooming is required to keep the infill loose and ensure that the system does not compact beyond acceptable levels.

Building a synthetic turf field with Envirofill turf infill will create a surface that will perform consistently over time and only have one phase. This is due to several factors. 

  • First, the infill profile is 100% Envirofill so there is no inconsistent mixing during installation and layers aren’t created over time with settling. 
  • Second, the rounded shape of Envirofill makes it firm, yet loose. Unlike angular sand that compacts together, Envirofill settles into place quickly during installation and then remains in that state without further consolidation.

The testing below shows the same system tested three different times. The first test in the lab represents expected performance soon after installation. The second is the performance test results right after three years of play and the third is the performance test results after five years of play. As you can see the results are very consistent showing that the change over time is negligible.

Furthermore, Envirofill has an extremely durable coating which is expected to last well beyond its 16-year warranty. At the end of the field’s life, the Envirofill can be extracted and reinstalled into new turf with very predictable results.

showing data points around how consistent Envirofill is over the lifespan of a turf field
*ranges set by FIFA standards

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