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How-To: Make a Repair on a Synthetic Turf Field

Synthetic turf fields are designed and constructed to withstand significant athletic activities in any given year. With the long hours and the significant number of athletes that practice their craft regularly, a turf field is going to need a minor repair from time to time. It’s important to have a reliable and responsive field maintenance partner you can call when these repairs arise, however, it’s also helpful for a field owner to know how these small issues are resolved, for their own knowledge!

If you’ve ever been curious as to how these repairs are completed or haven’t had the opportunity to observe your maintenance team conduct one, we have a step-by-step guide below. 

Tools Needed for Repairs:

  • Turf glue
  • Turf glue gun
  • Handheld vacuum

Steps to Complete a Repair:

  • Using the handheld vacuum, suck up any infill that has migrated under the lifted section of turf.
  • Insert the turf glue into the glue gun and apply a good amount of glue under the lifted turf.
  • NOTE: be sure to keep the glue away from the fibers to avoid getting them stuck.
  • Once glue is applied to the base of the field, under the turf, slowly lower the section of fibers back down into the glue and onto the base layer. 
  • Apply some pressure to the area of turf into the glue as it dries and reattaches. 
  • The glue will typically dry in 30-45 minutes. We try to recommend completing these repairs with ample time before activity is to resume on the field to allow the turf to properly adhere to the glue and base. 

If you’ve located repairs needed, contact our Motz365 team to conduct a site visit on your synthetic turf and help fix up your field!

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