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How To: Remove Chewing Gum From Your Synthetic Turf Field

It is important to keep your synthetic turf field pristine and popping by regularly cleaning and maintaining. It is also necessary to properly care for your field by avoiding certain items like chewing gum. While we recommend participants steer clear of gum, which can create a sticky situation on the field, we also know that most field users are teenagers, making this nearly inevitable.  

Here’s a closeup of one of our field maintenance professionals addressing this sticky situation, which you can easily replicate when a bubble pops on your field. 

Gum is just one of the many things that our team will take care of during our annual field Condition service. We’ll worry about it while on site so your team doesn’t have to! 

Out of your handy gum remover? Not sure what that is? Get a FREE  can of remover on us! Contact us today!

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