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What are some Turf Field Critical Warranty Coverage Questions?

Deciding to build or replace a synthetic turf field is a substantial investment. With this decision, you are devoting a large amount of time, money, and trust to your selected provider. When making a purchase of this nature, you must ensure you are asking potential vendors the critical questions necessary to make an educated decision. One of the most important topics that will be discussed during this vetting process is the field’s warranty coverage.

When discussing your future field’s warranty, you may want to ask your provider the following questions to ensure you fully understand inclusions, exclusions, and are adequately covered:

QUESTION: What components of the artificial turf field are covered in the warranty?

REASON: It is important to understand what components of the field are covered under the warranty. In the event there are needed repairs or areas of concern, you will want to know that your provider will stand behind their work. Also, it’s possible critical components could be accidentally overlooked or intentionally left out and therefore not warranted, leaving you without resources for repair.

QUESTION: Are their opportunities for warranty extension?

REASON: When purchasing a synthetic turf field, there may be certain scenarios where an upgraded package with an extended warranty is desired. Asking your provider what options are available can allow you and your facility to make the best decision for your needs.

QUESTION: How long is the warranty valid?

REASON: When making an investment this significant, it’s necessary to understand how long that investment will be covered under warranty. It can also help justify the initial cost of installation and ensure a guarantee of satisfaction after purchase. An eight-year warranty is the industry standard. It’s also important to note that there is no third party warranty longer than eight years available in the industry. Warranties extending beyond eight years are generally offered through the synthetic turf provider. Should something occur to the health of that provider’s business, your warranty validity could be in jeopardy.

QUESTION: Are their ways the warranty can become void?

REASON: As a first-time synthetic turf field owner, you may not be aware of what is acceptable and not acceptable usage. Certain harmful activities or field neglect can lead to irreversible damage. To properly protect your field’s warranty, be aware of what could cause a warranty to void. Upon the completion of your field, your provider should provide you with a fully detailed manual and adequate training on how to properly care for your field’s warranty.

QUESTION: What would be considered a warranty claim?

REASON: Traditionally, most warranty repair calls are minor like a hash mark or inlay. There are occasions where more serious issues could arise, but every field is unique in its usage and environment. Regardless, it’s inevitable that with varying climates, partnered with the extreme use these fields receive, things will happen on the field. Having a partner you can trust that will be there immediately to take care of it is very important.

QUESTION: Should your business cease will we still have a warranty?

REASON: Companies come and go in any business, who will protect your field should your provider go out of business or get bought out by another company? How long has your provider been in business under its current ownership/name? Concerns of this nature give credit to the benefits of a third party warranty contractor. Providers who offer third-party warranties assure you won’t be without coverage should something happen to the health of their own business.

QUESTION: What is the warranty’s guaranteed response and repair time?

REASON: As an artificial turf field owner, your field will likely see a significant amount of usage, sometimes back to back, and you won’t be able to predict when a repair arises. So, having a provider that can provide you a guaranteed response and repair time will be crucial to the safety and performance of your field. Most “critical play”, or repairs required to play on the field, should be addressed within 24 hours.

QUESTION: Am I responsible for handling my own repairs?

REASON: One of the many benefits of having a warranty is the assurance of knowing your field will be cared for should issues arise. While your field is under warranty, your provider should handle needed repairs as long as they fall within the parameters of the coverage. In addition, attempting to handle repairs on your own or with the help of a third party contractor could result in further damage and/or void your field’s warranty. As a matter of fact, some synthetic turf providers require they clear and approve all repairs before any action is taken to avoid irreversible results.

QUESTION: Is the warranty built into the cost of my field?

REASON: Synthetic turf fields are large investments so ensuring the warranty cost is built in will help ensure adequate coverage and ease of financing.

QUESTION: How does my warranty address “Act of God” related damages?

REASON: Mother Nature has her way of interfering at times, and in some cases, the result can be devastating. Understanding what types of “Act of God” scenarios are or are not covered by your warranty will provide you insight on what to expect should something of this sort occur.

QUESTION: What incidents are not covered under warranty?

REASON: You don’t know what you don’t know. As a new synthetic turf field owner, you may not be aware of what would be considered a warranty worthy repair. Your provider should be able to provide you examples of what types of incidents they will cover and those that might fall outside of your coverage policy. Again, your provider should educate you on these types of things during your selection process and again upon the completion of your field.

QUESTION: Will you warrant another vendor’s work?

REASON: There are many moving parts that go into installing a synthetic turf field. Often there are additional vendors onsite outside of your synthetic turf provider. Understanding who is responsible for the various components will best help you protect yourself and ensure all needed entities are warranted appropriately.

For more information on critical questions to ask your provider about warranty coverage, please contact our Motz365 Turf Care Experts today.

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