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What Field Maintenance Services Does Motz365 Offer?

When it comes to maintaining your synthetic turf field, it’s crucial to have a service partner who is available when needed. When something goes wrong, and it will go wrong at some point, having a professional maintenance group as an extension of your team will help keep your athletes and activities in motion.

What services does a maintenance partner like Motz365 offer to give you peace of mind when it comes to the upkeep of your synthetic turf field?

Field Aide: What is included in Motz Synthetic Turf Field Maintenance Program

Annual Maintenance Visit

We have a proven annual, five-step program that is specifically designed to assist in addressing hazards to ensure continued safety for your athletes.

Critical Repair

Your field is the meeting spot for the community and you can’t have issues interrupting that schedule. Our team guarantees a 24-hour response time if play-critical repairs are needed on the field.


We have a roster of testing capabilities that can take a deeper look at a wide range of performance aspects of your field, including GMAX, HIC, AAA, and a playability assessment tool.

Disinfectant Spray

A contact disinfectant treatment to help tackle the bacteria and pathogens associated with the blood, sweat, and tears your athletes will leave on the field. 

Full Field Infill Addition

Following a coordinated 100 point infill depth check throughout the field and conducting a GMAX test, our staff is available to add more infill across your surface.

Maintenance Training

Teaching your team how to care for your turf field on a regular basis is important to ensure the longevity of your surface. We can train your group on grooming, adding infill, and other day-to-day basics.

High-Traffic Area Replacement

Spots like lacrosse creases, goal mouths, pitcher’s mound, batters boxes, and others, can be replaced in later years of your field’s life. This action could potentially add a year or two to the life of your existing playing surface.

Replenish Inventory

If you’re running low on extra infill or other turf materials, we can work with your team to replenish your inventory.

Our main objective as a maintenance partner is to be a resource to field owners for all things turf service. If you’re in need of a turf expert to help meet any of the needs above, or maybe you have questions for caring for a field that we haven’t addressed, contact us today!

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