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Why Do Architects Choose Safeshell and Envirofill Artificial Turf Infill?

Give the people what they want — turf infill that keeps fields clean, safe, and playable.

Designers and architects are re-examining the components that make a sports complex valuable and useful. Field managers, athletes, and spectators are more concerned with health and safety than ever before and the best new sports facilities are beginning to reflect that.

If you are beginning the design and construction of a new sports field complex, make sure your artificial turf system integrates features that far exceed expectations of performance, longevity, aesthetics, safety, and hygiene. That sounds like a tall order, but don’t overthink it! The turf system element that you should focus on most is turf infill. Why? Because it’s the part of the field that accounts for the majority of its surface and makes the most contact with players’ bodies. Luckily, USGreentech specializes in creating synthetic turf infill that hits all of the relevant targets and then some!

Mitigate risks with artificial turf infill products you can trust

Here’s a simple way to sleep easier at night: use a trusted and proven turf infill product with traceable materials. Envirofill and Safeshell have credibility in the industry that extends beyond name recognition. Both USGreentech products are represented at every tier of athletics, from middle school practice fields to D1 collegiate stadiums across the United States. Both Envirofill and Safeshell have undergone extensive in-house and 3rd party testing to guarantee their quality and have passed tests on lead, water leaching, off-gassing, critical fall height, ADA compliance, and more.

Why Envirofill?

The hype is real- and it’s warrantied. With an industry-shattering 16-year warranty, Envirofill offers the magic mix of professional-level quality, ease of maintenance, and superior hygiene and safety that’s proven through rigorous testing. Each grain of turf infill is infused with Microban®, an antimicrobial agent that helps to prevent the growth
of bacteria, mold, and mildew associated with stains, odors, and product deterioration.

Envirofill isn’t just clean. It’s versatile, too, and can be used for a multipurpose field without compromising on performance with any sport, be that soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, or anything else. With Envirofill, your clients can expect that ball roll performance will be consistently top-notch across all sports.

Get the turf infill that offers peak performance and cleanliness. Download Envirofill’s Technical Data Sheet!

Why Safeshell?

Turf infill so safe, you can eat it (but we don’t season it, so that’s not exactly recommended)! That’s right, Safeshell is made from natural, food-grade walnut shells and is a USDA-certified, 100% bio-based product. Furthermore, it’s allergen-free, non-toxic, durable in all climes and weather, and incredibly low maintenance. It’ll perform just as well as the top conventional turf infills but stays cooler and ensures the safety of your fields and communities. Download Safeshell’s Technical Data Sheet.

Clients Top Concern EnvirofillSafeshell
Tested and proven YesYes
Natural  Yes
Durable YesYes
Cooling Yes
Low Maintenance YesYes
Multipurpose Sport InfillYesYes
Antimicrobial ProtectionYes 

Meeting your clients — and the public’s — needs

Get the products that address and alleviate all of your customers’ concerns. When it comes to turf infill, you actually can have it all, thanks to decades of innovation. Both Safeshell and Envirofill hit the marks: they’re low maintenance, durable, and high performance. Envirofill boosts antimicrobial properties while Safeshell is cooling and 100% natural.

Whether you’re working with a municipality, a major league sports team, or a small-town high school, we have the data, expertise, and products to guarantee an exceptional experience for years to come. And if your next field project is for a school with a focus on a particular sport, our team at USGreentech will even test and adjust the system’s fibers to meet the exact needs of that school.

Nerd out on the science!

Want to learn more about our innovative turf infill products? Sign up for the USGreentech Partner Portal to access extensive data and test documents today!

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