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Motz’s Tyler Turner Receives Certified Field Builder from ASBA

The American Sports Builders’ Association (ASBA) created the Certified Field Builder Program to help raise professional standards in sports field management and improve field construction practice. In the sports field management industry, certified field builders meet the highest bar of professional competence and vetted expertise. To be an accredited ASBA sports builder, applicants must demonstrate their knowledge in field construction by fulfilling industry-specific standards in project planning, administration, site work, field construction, and maintenance. The ASBA awards the certification to applicants after they pass a comprehensive exam.

Raising the bar in sports field management

Motz Project Estimator Tyler Turner recently earned a CFB-S, an ASBA field builder certification specific to synthetic turf field construction. Tyler said of the degree, “I saw CFB-S as a good opportunity to learn more broadly about the technical aspects of field construction and to test myself on the knowledge I’ve gained in the industry.”

Tyler started his career in sports field management as a grounds crew member in professional baseball before installing fields as an employee of The Motz Group. When he advanced to his current role as Project Estimator, he incorporated a variety of approaches in big picture planning. The ASBA’s certified field builder program offered Tyler a chance to expand his understanding of turf field construction and management.

“I’m proud of my CFB-S because it represents the growth in my career. As a CFB-S, I’ll have continued opportunities to learn about innovations and industry trends as I complete continuing education to maintain the certification. In the future, I hope to earn a full CFB designation,” Tyler says of his newly attained certification.

Working with a passionate team of experts

Estimating Manager, Benjamin Neff, celebrates the success of his team member, stating, “Tyler has spent the better part of 3 years attaining this goal, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch him tackle all the obstacles as he persevered in his path to accomplish the certification. We are fortunate to have Tyler on our team and grateful for his outstanding work. We hope he enjoys the success that comes with his new credentials.”

Echoing Ben’s congratulations, The Motz Group is proud to have passionate, committed field experts like Tyler on our employee-owner team, who aim to move the needle forward on professional development and field innovation. The CFB-S accreditation helps field owners, architects, and engineers work closely to plan advanced projects with The Motz Group team. 

Are you ready to build the field of your dreams? Contact The Motz Group today.

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