The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Home’s Artificial Turf in the Winter

You’ve made a smart choice by deciding to install artificial turf in your backyard. It’s low maintenance, environmentally friendly, and, most of all, safe for your kids! But winter’s around the corner, and along with it, ice and snow. What does this mean for your lawn or your kids’ playground? How do you protect it? […]

Coated Sand Turf Infill Options: The Choice is Clear

At Motz, the makers of Envirofill, we believe that What’s In Your Turf Matters®. Infill is an important component of any turf system and it’s even more essential that the infill you choose is dependable for your kids, pets, and anyone enjoying your artificial turf space.  The dependability and quality of our turf infill products […]

Best Playground Surface Options: Pros and Cons

Does sorting through all the playground surface options available and figuring out the right one for your needs feel like a daunting task? Unsure where to start? When researching the best playground surface options, there are three main things to keep in mind: safety, price, and maintenance. Your playground will have unique needs, priorities, and […]

Designing a Synthetic Turf Playground? Consider Envirofill

Does designing the perfect playground sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be. There are countless variables in building the ideal space for kids to play. We know. It can feel overwhelming, right? But the good news is, we find that most of those variables boil down to the same root. The most important thing we […]

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids?

We’re never short on reasons to pick artificial grass over real grass for our lawns, backyards, gardens, and playgrounds. Nothing matches the simplicity of maintaining synthetic turf. It doesn’t require watering, doesn’t catch weeds and best of all, it looks green year-round! But as you’re deciding between artificial grass and natural grass for your children’s […]

Envirofill Chosen for Versatility & Performance at the World’s Largest Children’s Museum

Recently, the largest children’s museum in the world, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, opened a new 7.5 acre complex called the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience. The goal of the Children’s Museum’s new exhibit is to increase physical activity within children and their parents, and to inspire them to create healthier, fun, and more […]

What Are My Artificial Turf Infill Options?

There was a time when choosing the type of artificial turf for an athletic playing surface, lawn, or putting green was easy. In fact, there was no choice at all. Originally sold under the name ChemGrass after its invention in 1965, the renowned product changed its name to AstroTurf after it was installed at the […]