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Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Playground: Why the Right Artificial Turf Infill Matters

Oh dear. So many decisions….

You’ve got a lot to consider with little ones in your care.

From the classroom to the lunchroom, you’re constantly balancing fun and safety for the kids in your charge. And building a new playground is no exception

Whether you run a daycare or camp, or you’re installing a playground in your own backyard, the kids in your charge all have one thing in common — they deserve a safe environment to learn and play. 

Sure, playgrounds help kids burn off steam, build strength, and boost their developing sense of balance.

And bonus for you — a fun and challenging playscape gives caretakers rest from more hands-on time throughout the day.

But relaxing into those benefits is possible only when you know you can trust your artificial turf playground is built for safety.

Synthetic Turf Playground Installation by Keepers Turf

Just the Right Playground Turf Infill

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either considering artificial turf or you’ve already chosen it as your playground surface.

Maybe your aim is the most comfortable and supportive surface for play. Perhaps your goal is durability, considering all those rowdy little feet. Or possibly sustainability tops your list — artificial turf is a sustainable choice because it saves water and requires little maintenance. All excellent reasons to choose artificial turf as your playground surface.

Regardless of your main goal: like preparing a nourishing meal for lunchtime for the kids, each ingredient you choose for your playground matters. Which equipment to use. Shade. Accessibility. And choosing the right infill for your artificial turf is no exception.

Does part of your vision of building a nurturing and safe space for children to play include a cooler, entirely natural, 100% non-toxic foundation? If so, Safeshell could be the ideal infill for your artificial turf playground.

Let’s take a look at three reasons Safeshell might support your dream for your playground:

Why Choose Safeshell

100% Organic, USDA Certified Biobased Product.

Ever picked up a product that says “all-natural”, but you can’t find facts to back up what that vague term means? That’s because anyone can write “natural” on their product — even if it’s filled with chemicals. Which means it’s hard to get to the truth.

If natural products are important to you when it comes to building a safe space for the kids in your charge, you’re probably looking for some evidence that the artificial turf infill you choose actually is natural.

We blend Safeshell from US-grown Black and English walnut shells. No chemicals involved, ever. The result? An environmentally conscious turf system so natural it’s even food grade — while still being low-maintenance and long-lasting.

It’s vital to us to back up our claims for you. So we sent Safeshell to a third-party to be rigorously tested according to the USDA’s Certified Biopreferred program. We’re incredibly proud that Safeshell is the only 100% USDA certified biobased infill on the market.

Durable Turf Infill, Long-lasting Playground System

Collaborative play helps kids learn to share and communicate with their peers. And all those budding playground friendships means a high concentration of tiny feet on your playground surface. If your goal is to support healthy play for years to come, you won’t want to skimp on the durability of your play surface — or your artificial turf infill.

First of all, a reputable artificial turf installer will specifically choose a dense turf type for your playground. More fibers, and specifically more thick fibers — mean this type of turf won’t wear down as fast with kids running all over it.

But that artificial turf needs support if it’s going to last a long time, too. That’s why we formulated Safeshell one of the most durable tree nut shells on the planet. Our natural infill won’t break down or float. It stays in place, even with all those little feet scampering over it, day after day. In fact, we’re so confident in Safeshell’s durability that we offer an eight year warranty — so you can trust the most durable natural infill on the market will last.

Safeshell: Keeping Kids Safe

Safety is serious. Particularly when it comes to protecting little ones. Which is why we’ve stringently tested Safeshell for heavy metals using the same type of test children’s toys go through. All results prove our levels are well below the Synthetic Turf Councils Suggested Environmental Guidelines for Infill — and most are below even the detectable limit.

Need to make sure your playground helps kiddos stay cool, even on hot summer days? Safeshell has even been proven to cool artificial turf surfaces by up to 50 degrees. Call us to learn more.

Food and nut allergies: another understandable safety concern. That’s why we teamed up with a leading biotech firm to develop our patent-pending process. We eliminate any potential allergens that might remain on the shell after separation from the nut. Per FDA guidelines, our process removes allergens below 2.4 parts per million. Safeshell has been proven so allergen free and safe that after thoroughly studying our testing proof, a museum in Nevada even installed several tons of Safeshell in a hands-on exhibit — where kids are digging through our 100% organic and all-natural infill for dinosaur bones.

What about accessibility? There are 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States. And everyone should be able to enjoy playgrounds, regardless of their mobility. Safeshell helps make an artificial turf system easy and for wheelchair users to enjoy. Learn more about ADA Accessibility and performance testing here.

Bottom line? Safeshell is ideal for your playground project if you’re looking for a rigorously tested 100% organic infill — without sacrificing safety and durability.

What do you think?

Does Safeshell seem like a fit for your artificial turf playground project?

Can we answer any questions you still have about Safeshell’s safety testing? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Did you know we have another infill, too?

Looking for another option? Learn more about Envirofill’s antimicrobial protection from Microban®, which excels at combating odors, mold and mildew.

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