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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids?

Artificial grass is a great addition to any backyard or playground landscape. It’s easy to maintain and offers an enjoyable look and feel. The biggest question asked by homeowners and families considering artificial grass turf systems is whether there is anything in them that could potentially be dangerous or hazardous to kids.

Non-toxic turf infill for safe artificial grass

So, is artificial grass safe for kids? The answer is yes, and you can ensure the highest level of safety by including a shock pad (to reduce the risk of injury with falls) and by selecting a non-toxic, high-quality turf infill free from allergens, dust, and heavy metals.

What’s In Your Turf Matters®

Artificial turf infill is installed into the turf of home and playground turf systems and makes regular contact with the people who spend time on them. With that amount of exposure, you can see why it’s important to choose turf infill products made from high-quality, traceable materials that pass rigorous safety standards.

What’s the best artificial grass turf infill for homes with children and playgrounds?

At Motz, we believe that turf infill matters more than any other component in artificial grass turf systems. We’re passionate about creating safer solutions without compromising quality.

We’re proud to offer clean and sustainable turf infill products with proven safety benefits. Envirofill and Safeshell were designed as non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance turf infill solutions safe for homes and playgrounds where children play.

So, how safe is “safe?” The results speak for themselves. Both Envirofill and Safeshell have been rigorously tested for the presence of toxic and hazardous substances and they’ve passed with flying colors. Envirofill infill is even exempt from California’s Prop 65 labeling requirements, which protects consumers in California by requiring companies to display warning labels on products with chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. There are very few turf infill products with this labeling exemption and level of assurance.

Safeshell for Playgrounds and Homes with Artificial Grass

Safeshell is a turf infill solution that’s completely safe and natural, made from walnut shells grown in the United States. It’s non-toxic, allergen-free, and even food-grade! Another reason Safeshell is a safe bet? It keeps the surface of synthetic turf systems cool, which is especially useful on playgrounds that overheat and become painful to touch on hot summer days. Learn more about why Safeshell is an amazing turf infill option for playgrounds and homes with kids.

Create a safer playground and artificial grass backyard with Envirofill

There are plenty of benefits to installing a turf system with Envirofill, particularly in family backyards and playgrounds. Envirofill measures up to rigorous safety standards. It’s cleaner than other infills and minimizes the risk associated with the bumps and scrapes of playtime because it’s infused with an innovative antimicrobial agent called Microban that keeps bacteria and smells at bay.

It’s also virtually dust-free, which gives it a definite advantage over silica sand, a popular infill choice that is not Prop 65 labeling exempt and can be dangerous to breathe. Envirofill is durable, so unlike other landscape infills that tend to break down very fast and create a dusty surface, Envirofill will not breakdown over time. Less dust means less worry.

Envirofill is pet-friendly, too

Envirofill is the #1 infill for homes and parks where pets live and play. Microban antimicrobial technology reduces pet urine odors by up to 99 percent. Finally, there’s a turf infill solution perfect for families children and pets that’s clean, non-toxic, anti-microbial, and easy to maintain.

Learn more about the next generation of turf infill

Motz’s turf infill is in a league of its own compared to standard turf infill products. Our products were designed to be safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone. They offer cleanliness, low maintenance upkeep, attractive appearance, and durability. Envirofill and Safeshell are kid-friendly, and to us, that means non-toxic, allergen-free, and certified non-hazardous.

Ready to make a safe play space for your kids?

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