How to Boost Natural Grass Field Growth

And Why You Need the Motz AirPAT™ System for it. If you’ve been managing natural grass sports fields long enough, you know all too well that the real challenge of having a high-performing and playable surface is maintenance. As temperatures vary sharply from season to season, and the ground wears and tears under vigorous play, […]

Customized Natural Grass Images

There’s something special about looking out at a sports field and seeing the clean lines cut across the green grass. For special events or big games, there can be a desire to take that extraordinary feeling a step further and include a unique design or image to wow the crowd. The patented technology for these […]

What Makes AirPAT Different from Other Rootzone Management Systems?

When Motz decided to re-engineer the Prescription Athletic Turf (PAT) system, it was with a commitment to meaningfully improve on what was already available. Offering products that move the industry forward is in our DNA. We assembled a team of civil, mechanical, and software engineers along with drainage experts to help us reach our goals: […]

What Are the Different Types of Hybrid Turf?

In the high performance natural grass world, the term “hybrid turf” is relatively new. You may have also heard it referred to as “reinforced turf” or “stabilized turf” before. Broadly, hybrid refers to a system that is a combination of natural grass and synthetic turf elements. There are three general categories of hybrid grass: Reinforced […]

What are the Benefits of a Rootzone Management System?

Two essential ingredients for healthy turfgrass growth are oxygen and water, along, of course, with plant nutrients. Being able to measure each of these in the rootzone, in real time, gives the grounds manager valuable insight for making sound decisions. Having a rootzone management system present with your field can bring you peace of mind […]