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5 Perks That Make Artificial Turf Perfect For Poolside Landscaping

Installation by: SYNLawn Iowa

The right poolside landscaping can make the difference between a standard swimming pool and a space that truly feels like an oasis. Not only that, but it can save you some major headaches (and costs) down the road. 

For a landscaping option that’s reliably lush and low-maintenance, pool owners today are increasingly turning to artificial turf. Installing artificial turf around your pool does more than instantly elevate its look. From the relative lack of upkeep to the peace of mind it offers with small, wet feet running around, artificial grass is an intuitive poolside pick for several reasons.

5 Reasons To Install Artificial Turf Around Your Pool

1. Turf is super durable

Between foot traffic and all that direct sunlight, the area surrounding pools is prone to wear and tear. A well-installed artificial turf system, meanwhile, stands up to everything from July’s heat to summer thunderstorms and UV rays. For folks who are drawn to the durability of concrete but would rather have something safer and, frankly, better looking around their pool, artificial turf is a long-lasting option that adds a soft, inviting texture.

2. It looks good year-round 

Even if you aren’t swimming 12 months out of the year, you don’t want your backyard or pool area to devolve into an eyesore. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf won’t die from splashes of chlorine (and, conversely, you won’t run the risk of introducing fertilizers or pesticides into your pool water either). You can be confident your space will stay reliably green, which pops pretty beautifully against the aqua blue of a pool. There are plenty of fun ways to approach your installation’s design, too. Striped turf can make a space feel truly manicured, a mix of concrete and turf looks artful, and poolside bocce ball kicks the whole space up a notch.

Want to get really inventive? A combination of design elements can turn your pool-and-turf combo into a backyard staycation spot.

3. It’s low-maintenance

Artificial turf — especially when paired with an extra-durable synthetic turf infill like Envirofill — requires next to no maintenance. Envirofill has a higher bulk density than most infills so it will stay in place within your turf system, meaning there will be less infill tracked out of your lawn and into your home or pool. Unlike natural grass, there’s no mowing, weeding or fertilizing required. And because you don’t need to water it, that makes artificial turf not only less time-intensive than natural grass, but more environmentally friendly, too. 

Plus, artificial turf won’t add to your pool upkeep the way natural grass can. With wet feet entering and exiting the water, natural grass means that renegade grass blades are virtually guaranteed to get into your pool, where they can clog the filtration system. With turf, everything stays in its place — no risk of cross-contamination.

4. Turf’s built-in drainage keeps things clean and slip-resistant

People or pets climbing (or cannonballing) into and out of the pool means the surrounding area is going to get wet, often. Unlike natural grass — which quickly becomes muddy and soggy — and concrete surfacing — which lets spilled pool water, well, pool — artificial turf with a quality infill offers excellent drainage. Not only does that improve your pool area’s safety, but it also makes for a great place to lie out and dry off after a dip.

5. The right infill makes poolside turf even simpler

Envirofill is a safe, clean and completely nontoxic infill choice for poolside artificial turf. Infused with Microban’s antimicrobial product protection, Envirofill is designed to help fight bacteria, mold and mildew growth — which is especially important for a space that’s meant to be splashed around in. Because it’s pre-washed three times before it’s coated in acrylic, nothing about Envirofill wears off or washes off (including its antimicrobial product protection). And because Envirofill is perfectly round, it is well designed to help naturally enhance the drainage of your turf system, too. Altogether, that means less upkeep, less mess and more poolside lounging for you.

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