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5 Things That Make Artificial Turf Yards a Summer Favorite

Summertime conjures up no shortage of nostalgia, from the sound of ice clinking in lemonade glasses to bare feet scampering across lawns in pursuit of fireflies. If you’re anything like us, spending the maximum amount of time outdoors possible is always the goal for this season. One of the most sure-fire ways of doing that? Making your home’s outdoor space extra livable with an artificial turf lawn. 

A lot of folks know the benefits of having an artificial turf yard in the winter (never having an unsightly brown lawn is a pretty big one!). But synthetic grass in the summer months also offers plenty of perks. Below, we walk through all the reasons installing an artificial turf lawn can lead to an even more enjoyable summer.

1. Summer heat is no match for a lush artificial turf lawn

No matter how high temperatures climb, artificial turf won’t dry out, melt or get damaged by the heat. Not only that, but some synthetic turf infills can actually help you create a cooler lawn. Safeshell, a 100% organic and allergen-free infill made from US-grown walnut shells, has natural evaporative properties and can reduce a turf surface’s temperature by up to 38 degrees. 

Beyond withstanding summer heat and humidity, both Safeshell and Envirofill infills are safe, clean choices for yards frequented by little ones. Because they’re completely nontoxic — Safeshell even meets food-grade standards and is biobased — there’s no risk if they’re accidentally ingested. Envirofill, meanwhile, is infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection, a technology that helps fight bacteria, mold and mildew — no chemicals required. Read more about what makes artificial turf with nontoxic infills a great choice for pet owners, as well as what makes it so safe for kids.

2. It’s (beyond) easy to maintain

Keeping up with a real grass lawn takes a lot of maintenance, from hours spent mowing to all the time that goes into watering, especially during a hot, dry spell. By opting for an artificial grass lawn and a durable synthetic turf infill, your yard becomes instantly ready for years of hassle-free enjoyment, with little maintenance required. Envirofill’s 16-year warranty and Safeshell’s 8-year warranty mean you can feel secure about crafting an outdoor space that was built to last. That all makes yard work one less thing you have to think about — which means more time for you and your family to simply enjoy your green space. Say goodbye to your lawnmower and hello to enjoying your low-maintenance landscaping.

3. The color of your yard won’t change

Tired of dead grass patches that are an eyesore and near-impossible to fix? An artificial turf lawn means your yard will always look reliably green, fresh and lush. Beyond simply looking great, if you’re someone who’s trying to be mindful of their environmental impact, not having to choose between a dry, patchy yard and a wasteful sprinkler system is a huge benefit. Plus, for pet owners, it means no more having to battle dreaded “pee spot” discoloration or holes from where your dog was digging.

4. It’s great for entertaining

If you enjoy hosting, you’d probably love for your home’s outdoor space to feel like a true extension of the indoor living area. Yards should, after all, be comfortable spaces that encourage folks to gather and kick their shoes off. One wonderful thing about artificial turf lawns that use a durable infill, like Envirofill or Safeshell, is that they’re built to withstand heavy foot traffic. That’s why you’ll find these kinds of greenspaces everywhere from busy soccer fields in New York City to the backyards of people who enjoy inviting friends over for BBQ and a game of bocce ball. Entertaining outdoors is made all the easier when keeping your yard clean, functional and visually appealing isn’t something that requires constant upkeep. A reliable artificial turf system means you get to devote more time to planning out snacks for your next outdoor movie night, no shoes needed.

5. Have a pool? Artificial turf is an excellent landscaping pick.

For pool owners, artificial turf is an especially intuitive choice. That’s because one major perk of artificial turf systems is how well they drain — no more muddy, slippery grass to worry about. Pool owners with natural grass also know what a pain renegade blades of wet grass can be, as they easily get tracked into the pool, where they can clog filtration systems, and back into the house. Synthetic turf means your grass stays put. It’s also a safer choice chemically; natural grass near pools means things like fertilizer and insecticide can get into your pool water, and conversely, water-cleaning chemicals in the pool can kill your grass. Completing your pool landscaping with artificial turf means kids can splash to their hearts’ content without the risk of mess and contamination. Cannonball away!

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