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Envirofill, The Perfect Pet Friendly Infill for Artificial Turf Installations at Animal Shelters

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Installs Artificial Turf with Envirofill Infill

Meet Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC. To Brother Wolf, an animal is not just a pet, but a friend, family member, and a constant source of joy. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue works hard each and every day to fulfill their mission of first rescuing animals, and second making sure they are placed in a loving home. Not only is Brother Wolf Animal Rescue a No-Kill shelter, but they are also an adoption/foster care for as many animals as they can aid. When caring for that many dogs at one location, they need a place to run and play outside, but to also do their normal potty routine. Brother Wolf knew that their kennel’s live grass could not handle the demand between playful rough housing, rolling in the mud, and frequent bathroom breaks. They needed a long-term solution to cut down on kennel cleanup and maintenance.

In 2013, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue chose to install synthetic turf with Envirofill infill for the ultimate pet odor protection and pet safety. After the choice was made, a wonderful group of volunteers took to the mission of installing the artificial grass. This installation provided an outdoor sanctuary for animals who currently have so little. One of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s team members said that, “the addition of artificial turf with Envirofill helped us, because it holds up to heavy foot traffic and playtime, doesn’t become muddy when it rains, and is easy to sanitize.” With Envirofill’s built in antimicrobial protection from Microban, Brother Wolf’s artificial turf infill will help disrupt the bacterial process which typically converts pet urine into ammonia odor. This will reduce the pet odor smells by up to 99% and provide a more sanitary environment for the volunteers and pups to play.

Now, dogs like Lunessa, Molly, and Junior, have a safe pet friendly outdoor space where they can play rain or shine without causing a muddy mess. The Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Staff has more time to invest in caring for the animals they are saving instead of maintaining a lawn or cleaning up muddy dogs.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf For Your Pet Application

Pet friendly artificial turf installations are not only beneficial to animal shelters, they can also be used at home in your backyard, a veterinary clinic, dog parks, puppy play centers and more. Some of the benefits of installing artificial turf with Envirofill for your pet business include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing lawns making your business’s location more attractive
  • Decreased maintenance time and cost 
  • Clean, non-toxic spaces for your pets to enjoy

If you are interested in growing your family by getting an animal, please chose to adopt or foster! Locations like Brother Wolf Animal Rescue are making an impact, but there are still too many animals who need a home. See the animals available for adoption at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, North Carolina here.

Where to Buy Turf Infill

Motz provides Envirofill and Safeshell for landscaping projects through our nationwide distribution network. Purchase 50lb bags of Envirofill or 25lb bags of Safeshell directly from your nearest distributor or have bags shipped to you from the warehouse closest to you.

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