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Safeshell vs. Envirofill: Which Turf Infill Is Best for Artificial Turf Lawns?

Are you designing a backyard oasis for your family at home? Safe, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly options are just an order away –but which one should you choose?  Motz proudly offers two turf infill options that lead the way for the new generation of artificial grass products that are earth-friendly, toxin and allergen-free, and ideal for homes with children and pets. 

Both Safeshell and Envirofill are made from 100% traceable ingredients and are incredibly durable, yet each product has slightly different benefits. 

Selecting the correct turf infill for your artificial grass backyard

There are several important factors to consider when you decide whether Safeshell or Envirofill is the best turf infill for your home landscaping. Get to know each one and select the perfect synthetic turf system for your specific property and needs.

Safeshell vs. Envirofill by Application

ApplicationRecommended Infill
Sports & RecreationBoth
Putting GreenEnvirofill (We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)
TennisEnvirofill (We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)
BocceEnvirofill (We have a special Envirofill product for these applications)


Safeshell vs. Envirofill by Priorities

What’s most important to you?Recommended Infill
Reduce Pet OdorsEnvirofill
Cleanliness & Antimicrobial ProtectionEnvirofill
Long-Lasting & DurabilityEnvirofill (16-Year Warranty)
All Natural/OrganicSafeshell
Reducing Surface TempsSafeshell
AestheticsBoth are great options. Envirofill makes your turf even greener whereas Safeshell’s rich earthy brown tones mimic soil in natural grass and can blend in nicely with bordering mulch or landscaping.  


Got pets? Envirofill is the perfect pet-friendly, antimicrobial turf infill.

If you have dogs, the grass is greener with Envirofill. Protect your yard, your kids, and yourself with the proven safety and cleanliness of Envirofill. Each grain of this turf infill is formulated with an antimicrobial agent called Microban® that helps to prevent bacterial, mold, and mildew growth. 

Envirofill is the clear choice for homeowners with dogs and children. It’s consistently chosen by families with furry friends because:

It’s safe for dogs and protects kids from germs in backyard pet waste.

Envirofill has been declared a non-toxic, non-hazardous material by the American Society for Testing and Materials. It’s been declared safe for dogs, cats, and humans of all ages after extensive third-party tests, exceeding all of the standards outlined in the ASTM’s internationally-accepted criteria that determine levels of hazardous metal in children’s toys. These results ensure that your dog won’t ingest toxins even if they manage to eat Envirofill.

Foul odors and distasteful stains don’t stick around.

Envirofill is the only turf infill on the market infused with Microban® technology. The unparalleled antimicrobial protection reduces the ammonia odor in urine up to 99% and lasts the entire duration of your turf infill’s life cycle. It was designed to keep families safe and backyards smelling fresh.

You’ll enjoy hassle-free maintenance for over a decade.

Envirofill creates lush, vibrant, green yards that are pleasantly soft like a natural grass lawn. But unlike natural grass, yards with Envirofill never need to be cut, watered, or reseeded. We designed each allergen and toxin-free grain with a unique, round shape to avoid compaction and ensure proper drainage.

Envirofill is sold in 50lb bags and is available to purchase directly from Envirofill or through a trusted distributor in our extensive, international distribution network.

For a cooler, natural turf option, Safeshell is number one.

We made Safeshell so that parents can let their kids be kids without compromising their safety or the integrity and quality of their artificial turf backyards. The ultimate low-maintenance organic infill option is made entirely from USA-grown walnut shells. 

Safeshell is an environmentally-conscious, high-performance, low-maintenance, long-lasting turf infill. Is your backyard a haven for little ones to play? Here’s why Safeshell is an excellent option for you:

It’s natural and safe.

Made from wild-grown and food-grade components, Safeshell uses a chemical-free, patent-pending process that eliminates 99.9% of allergens, including nut allergens, and is ISO-certified in rigorous third-party lab trials.

It stays cooler in the heat.

Safeshell absorbs water with minimal expansion, releasing it slowly over time and keeping artificial grass cooler than other turf infill products. Even in arid climates that experience very little rainfall, Safeshell resists heat best.

Maintenance is a breeze.

Safeshell offers all the benefits of an organic infill without the added maintenance.  With a higher grain density, it’s perfect in sites exposed to frequent wind and rain. The rounded grain shape resists compaction so you can expect Safeshell to stay in place without affecting drainage.

Safeshell is sold in 25lb bags for landscape applications and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Fill out this form if you’d like to receive more information on Safeshell for home landscaping.

At Motz, we know What’s In Your Turf Matters. © If you have questions about selecting the correct turf infill for your home, we’re here to help. Let’s plan your landscape project together.

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