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Top Tips for Preventing and Neutralizing Dog Urine Odors in Artificial Grass

Plenty of dog owners are rightfully concerned about how their pets’ potty routines will impact the odor, cleanliness, and aesthetic of their artificial grass yards. The truth is, synthetic turf is a perfectly viable option for families with pets. All it takes is a little bit of planning and a simple maintenance plan to keep unpleasant dog urine odors in artificial grass under control.

Here are our top tips for preventing and neutralizing dog urine odors in artificial grass.

Tip #1: Install a dog-friendly artificial grass turf system

Installing a turf system that’s pet-friendly is the first and most powerful way to prevent odors from becoming a problem in the first place. 

Choose your turf infill wisely; it absorbs urine more than any other part of your turf system and is most susceptible to bacterial growth from pet waste, especially in yards with less than ideal drainage. The wrong infill creates the perfect storm for smelly artificial grass. Envirofill was designed for homes with pets and offers continuous protection against odors and stains. It’s the only artificial turf infill infused with Microban®, a powerful antimicrobial agent that eliminates 99% of the bacteria, mold, and mildew responsible for the unpleasant ammonia smell associated with pet urine. Envirofill’s odor-fighting technology lasts for years. In addition to its antimicrobial properties, it’s non-toxic, completely safe, and has a lush and vibrant aesthetic. It’s no wonder that more and more families with pets and children are opting to use Envirofill in their backyard artificial grass landscaping. 

Drainage needs to be considered before your artificial grass turf system is installed. Make sure that your system is porous and that your drains will withstand frequent clogging. Backlogged water (and urine) will increase the likelihood of stagnation, which leads to smells. Envirofill promotes drainage. Each grain is perfectly (and naturally) round and therefore withstands compaction better than turf infill products with more angular-shaped grains. Envirofill comes with an industry-shattering 16-year warranty, so you’ll enjoy turf infill specifically designed to prevent pet urine odors through the best days of your dog’s life.

Tip #2: Remove and rinse waste regularly from your synthetic grass yard

Even with Microban antimicrobial protection, Envirofill is not a replacement for regular cleaning. Solid waste should be removed from your synthetic grass yard on a daily basis (or twice daily in homes with more than one dog). The less of it that accumulates, the more hygienic and pleasant-smelling your yard will be.

A monthly rinse of the areas frequented by your pets will go a long way in maintaining your nearly odor-free artificial grass. Simply spray the surface of your artificial grass yard with a garden hose. Monthly “showers” are quick and painless to facilitate and will promote maximum cleanliness of your synthetic turf.

If you live in an area with limited rainfall, take extra precaution when choosing the correct turf infill for your system. Zeolite turf infill products require deionized rainwater to flush out ammonia gasses created with bacterial growth caused by pet urine. They trap gasses and then rely on frequent rain to release them. In dryer conditions, these products won’t be effective in eliminating odors. Thankfully, you won’t worry about that with Envirofill, which fights bacterial growth and odors in all climates.

Tip #3: Have a synthetic turf enzyme cleaner on hand

If something goes amiss in your maintenance routine (like failure to clear surface of solid waste or a waterlogged system due to poor or blocked drainage), then you’ll be grateful to have a turf enzyme cleaner on hand. Opt for non-toxic enzyme products to keep your kids, animals, and waterways safe. Enzyme cleaners are perfect for twice-annual “deep” cleans and are easily applied to artificial grass yards.

Get all the technical details on cleaning your Envirofill artificial turf system by checking out our thorough guide on the our blog.

Artificial grass is no place for dog urine odors 

Interested in getting the best turf infill for your yard’s artificial grass landscaping? Learn more about why families with pets are choosing Envirofill to keep dog urine owners off their turf. 

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